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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Visiting some vineyards

As Monday was a holiday BN and I struck out of the city of Melbourne for a 'tripette' with my sister and her partner Steve... To the beautiful Yarra Valley - Melbourne's wine growing region. Mr SE and Mr Melbs (BN's other half) declined the invitation to vineyards. Mr Melbs had some work to finish but I think Mr SE just wanted a peaceful day watching the cricket. Anyway, no matter... He missed the tasting special of 4 types of sparkling wine at the first vineyard (top photo) and the cheese platter too...delicious.

Above. My sister (BN's Ma) at the vineyard.

BN was the designated driver so we let her get stuck in to the cheese platter whilst we concentrated more on the wines! Only fair.

Gorgeous views.

Second vineyard... love these trees.

And above a view over the lake at the third vineyard we stopped at.

Here we opted for vanilla ice cream (for the girls) - sister's partner Steve enjoyed tasting some more red wines though.

Such a good day just before I went back to work.
A great way to begin 2011.


  1. Love the Yarra Valley! We were there just last week. Can highly recommend Innocent Bystander - their wines are fabulous (the pink moscato is killer) and the restaurant is amazing! Definitely worth a visit if you are back in the area!

  2. Lovely sights. The cheese plate made me want some too!

  3. Looks like you had a fantastic day. Wine and cheese are some of my favourite things. I am quite jealous!

  4. That is such a beautiful place. We did a similar thing last week except that it was Mudgee. The winery we visited make their own cheese. As a virtual non drinker I also got stuck into the cheese and it was the most perfectly ripe Brie that almost wanted to run of the plate. We had to take a big chunk home with a couple of very nice bottles to have with it!!!
    Enjoy your return to work xoxo ~ J

  5. Yum...and what a lovely sunny day for your excursion...

  6. I do love a good wine country outing.

  7. Oh it's warm and sunny and there are lovely cheeses and wines too clearly but as a non drinker I'm always in it for the food.

    I love your life.

    xo jane

  8. I'm with LPC, there's nothing like a good wine country vacation.

  9. Lucky you! That looks like a perfect day to me. The weather, the wine, the cheese, the scenery and some good company - could one ask for more?

  10. Yummy cheese + wine I am sat here with the snow falling in the Marches UK wishing for your warm weather,great photos.Ida


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