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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Most Perfect Cottage (with promised photographs)

First of all I warn you - there are quite a few photographs in this post - more than I have ever put on in one go....!So this is the gorgeous cottage where we spent two days this week - around an hour or so drive from the city of Melbourne in a small town called Daylesford. It's known as WHITE HOUSE and I am sure it won't come as a complete surprise if I tell you that it is owned by an Antique dealer and has been restored to feature as much of the past as possible.

The house is an original 1850's miner's cottage and all of the collections - the furniture, art etc. has been sourced from around country Victoria.

So.... welcome to what was our home for just a little time. Well, we could dream..... The view above looking down the corridor through the house from the front door.

On the right the first room was this bedroom featuring black and white toile wallpaper.

And to the left this one. Gorgeous French vintage linen.

Lovely small touches like the fresh flowers next to the bed.

And comfortable cushions. We chose this room as our bedroom for the stay.

Next room on the right was this petite library.......

The wall on the left features wallpaper printed with old books..... Real books adorn the wall straight ahead. There was also an open fireplace - a wonderful place for snuggling up in the winter I'd imagine.

In the library - this little white hare under a glass cloche. Could not resist a photograph - I love hares.

Next room down on the left the bathroom with a huge claw footed iron bath.

More fresh flowers ....

Cute medicine cupboard.

Then at the end of the corridor there was one large open plan room - again with an open fireplace. The doors at then end of the room lead to the garden where there was another studio - the garden room with another bedroom.... As we were only a party of two we could not get to this room but peeked through the window! Of course, as lovely as the rest of the house.

Cosy seating area with squishy linen covered sofas....

The painted dining table - decorated with globes....

And a close up - especially for you TNMA !!

And now...... the best till last - THE KITCHEN area (part of the large room)

Yes, that wall straight ahead is totally painted in black board paint - a really clever idea. I want to copy this kitchen next time I renovate a house (hmmm and I said we were not going to do any more renovations, ever!)

Mr SE above in mid-preparation of our dinner. We did not want to go out to a restaurant as we wanted to experience the kitchen and didn't want to leave the house for the evening!

A little corner of the kitchen next to the sink - photo below....

Well, there was one more photograph here - but in my heavy handedness I have deleted it -(sorry) it was a bowl of fresh oranges left for us to juice for our breakfast... We were also given a loaf of local bread, fresh eggs, butter and milk.

All in all we had the most wonderful time and if you wish to find out more about this lovely gem of a place then please click HERE.


  1. What an absolutely FANTASTIC home!
    Seems as though you had a wonderful birthday!
    There were so mnay lovely features - particular stand-outs to me were the wreath on the exterior of the home, the light fitting in the library/study, the blackboard feature wall in the kitchen (as you already know) and the lovely added touch of fresh flowers!

  2. It looks simply divine, so glad you had a wonderful birthday.

  3. It's absolutely beautiful - and thank you for the globe close-up! Really like all the dark wood and the furniture; the kitchen and bathroom are gorgeous and I'd love to have a library, we have piles of books, far too many for our small flat! Happy Birthday - hope you're having a lovely weekend.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! So many ideas to copy! Lx

  5. oh yes I've seen this one, it was decorated by the two melbourne designers, they have a store there!

  6. Thank you for sharing your weekend with us. Fantastic. I too have seen a few pics of the interior but not this many and not by a friend who was actually there.

    Reality and blogland colliding. It'a a wonderful thing.

    Love that library.

    xo Jane

  7. Beautiful! They really paid exceptional attention to detail, didn't they? It looks cozy and comfortable. Thanks for sharing these pictures.

  8. Thank you for the nice pictures. This indeed would qualify for some i.d. magazine, if not yet presented in one.

  9. dear mr and mrs se,

    i LOVE this place. i have seen that library before on the internet. how lucky to have seen it in person. i love the way the bed snuggled right up to the windows and i love the way the whole place just looks like someone's well-loved house. how wonderful that the two of you got to stay there. i wouldn't have left either. the kitchen is beyond words. thank you guys for sharing with me. xo


  10. Fantastic post Sarah..you obviously celebrated your Birthday in style!
    Congratulaions:) so glad you had such a lovely weekend. Love all the pics!

    Jeanne xxx

  11. So lovely...the charm of this cottage would keep me there too...what a splendid place to spend a holiday. Thank you for all these lovely images they paint such a pretty picture

  12. You must have such a lovely weekend at this place! What a charming getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, and a very interesting alternative to a standard hotel.

  13. Very nice. I particularly like the bedroom you chose. White and muted red manages to feel both happy and calm, to me. And the open living/kitchen is gorgeous, but I have to wonder, what about chalk dust?:)

  14. happy belated bday sarah! what a wonderful place to stay. am totally in love and think the grey paint in the bedroom has won me over! i am in the midst of planning our renovation/picking colours etc.

  15. wonderful cottage,and I loved your writeup of it.

  16. Ohhhhh!!! So pretty! I love the blackboard too- would write lots of messages on there, haha... Glad you had a lovely time- it looks like a place I would say is your 'dream home' XXXX


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