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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stop Press!!

This photograph goes with the the post I have done earlier today - literally just received it !

Don't think Mr SE would mind me posting it to the blog... BUT you have to read what came before - see
'Email received from France this morning '


  1. Wow - he's a star! You've gone Chanel crazy! Love the fact that he just nipped down to Chanel on a bike. Me and Mr TNMA love our bikes - and did you know we're getting our own version of the Velib in London this year?

  2. Do you go most places on your bikes? - how great....! V. interested to hear that London is going to have a version of Velib too... Yes it has been a bit of a Chanel week - like buses all coming along at the same time!!

  3. Chanel shoes? And a cute guy on a Parisian bike? This blog just gets better and better :)
    Seriously, how lovely of him to venture out to get those for you.
    I hope they (Paris) have figured out security for the Velibs. They tried a borrow-a-bike system in Cambridge several years ago; rumour has it some undesirables drove up from London in a big van and the poor little bikes were never seen again. But from your picture it looks as if these are a bit more high tech. It would be so awesome to have this in San Francisco, but then again, the hills might be a bit of a problem!!

  4. I am seriously jealous. How cute is he? I'm sending my husband this post! I'm not sure who I'd rather be right now, him or you!


  5. Your husband sounds divine! Lucky you! When's he back?

  6. B.Madame - Agree!

    Struggler - glad you are enjoying recent posts! Oh do hope that the velib type bikes that are to be installed in London (see TNMA comment) won't get 'nicked' - mmm yes, could be difficult biking over cobblestones.. Do you actually live in San Francisco - how lovely.

    Janet - Mr SE is v. happy to see these positive comments - so I thank you on his behalf!

    FF - Thank you - he may start to get a little big headed now though! (Starring in the blog etc.!) Not due back though till NEXT weekend - bosses in Oz have decided that since he is in Europe he can now catch a flight to Stockholm Tuesday for something or other going on there too!! (and its minus something ridiculous - he will need extra clothing that we(I!)did not pack!!

  7. So so sweet...I saw these bikes on the streets in Paris over the weekend and wondered how I would manage with all the traffic. A brave soul is he!!! :) Very cute too!!


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