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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Email received from France this morning

Well, to be honest this is part of the email I received this morning from Mr SE - it made me smile so much to think of him riding around Paris, short of time and getting my birthday present in this way and what a lovely birthday present too... My first pair of these beauties. Cannot wait for him to return - and not just because of the gift!
(He is as they say, most definitely 'A Keeper'!)

"Anyway, this is funny I got back to the hotel and didn't have much time for shopping so I got changed and guess what I got a Velib all on my own and went to Chanel on a Velib!! Me on a Velib ha! ha!. I then rode back on another velib cutting up the traffic 'a la frog driver' with a nice shiny patent toe black ballerinas for my very special wife sitting in the front shopping basket. I was laughing and thinking that Chanel had probably never sold a pair of shoes to disappear into the sunset on a bike rather than say a Ferrari!"

And for those of you unfamiliar with this mode of transport it is a self-service "bike hire" system available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Paris. There are multi pick up and drop off locations which allow you to pick up a bike from one service point and then drop it off to another.

Nifty, alors?!


  1. That is just so romantic and in Paris to boot, you are a lucky lady and that Camellia brooch is gorgeous too. enjoy. Kathy.

  2. If this isn't romantic, I don't know what is. I see why he's A Keeper.

    I wonder how many men -- French or otherwise -- would think about buying their beloveds (I think that's a word) Chanel ballerinas. You are a lucky girl indeed. From our virtual friendship I know he's a lucky man.

    (I can't help but wonder how many men know what size shoes their wives wear?)

    I agree with James. Well, I always agree with James.

    Sorry I have been such a terrible correspondent. I'm working diligently on THE PROJECT.

    Happy, happy birthday my dear.


  3. How sweet! And you're getting your CC shoes!!

  4. James - Thank you yes, I think we are (hope that does not sound too 'smug married' but you know what I mean)

    Kathy - yes, all the way from Paris and I know I will enjoy immensely.

    Tish - you are so right - he is rather romantic...and I am lucky - he has always been a good shopper though and luckily does know my sizes and I always say, if in doubt I won't be offended - go larger!! Except of course in shoes!

    Deja P - "Une" - Very sweet and yes we are to be 'shoe twinnies' but we going to be non-identical twins - mine are the all black ones, I believe..!

  5. Oh and Tish can't wait for more of THE PROJECT!

  6. This is the BEST STORY EVER!!!!!!!! Lucky you x

  7. A definite keeper!!! You lucky thing...how romantic!


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