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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Flowers in the (English) house

A few flowery offerings to join in with Jane who is throwing her monthly flower party ... Check it all out HERE. Anyway, this is my first time joining in from another country as usually I am blogging from Australia. Above is a rose from my parents' garden.. My father very sweetly met me at Heathrow airport with it as a welcome gift. It smells divine.

I have arranged it with some herbs - mint and rosemary from the garden.

This lavender above sits in a bowl on my mantelpiece - also from the garden gathered and dried a couple of summers ago but the scent is still there.

Above to the left a dried seed head. Love the fragility of this in its natural beauty.

The lavender again in the centre with two faux artichokes (f'artichokes, perhaps??!!) in white terracotta pots each side. Have had them for ages but I still love them as much now as the day I bought them.

Shopping from Singapore post next time, promise. (Although have to say we did NOT go mad!)


  1. Sarah, Welcome! As always you innate sense of style and sense of humor shows through in every word f'artichokes for example and the way you can make a single rose look just right.

    Now, how about that shopping?

    xo jane

  2. How lovely of your Dad to greet you with a rose. I adore your fartichokes! Love Linda x

  3. Welcome home. Your cottage is lovely, including the fartichokes & how sweet of your dad to meet you with a rose - ah!

  4. Well i think they are very smartichokes!!

    I think your dad is adorable! Bx

  5. Hello S!

    I love the photos.

    Hope you are well and best wishes from Australia.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  6. Oh flowers and herbs together are so nice. And I love when I cut the lavender back and then sweep up the stems to the smell.

  7. I love the look of the rose with the rosemary--what a great idea!

  8. sarah are you glad to be home? love, love, love that delicate seed head and the lavender.

  9. Hi Sarah, what a lovely Rose, such a lovely combination with the herbs... loving all the textures too :) x

  10. In some post I commented, that I don´t like to have exotic flowers in my home.
    However, I don´t mind someone else having them. For someone else - due to where she/he lives- the flowers might not be exotic at all.
    And England is definitely a flower country.
    Therefore, I like your flower arrangement and all your small details.

  11. Hello, my dear! Glad you made it back home safely and have wasted no time posting us your lovely photos. Miss you heaps!!! S xxx

  12. I hope you have a wonderful time catching up with your family. I noticed you went to Raffles too. I have never been but would love to have a cocktail there one day. Friends in England have been saying the weather has been great this week, so hope you get to enjoy the sunshine while you are there. Fifi

  13. Aww gosh, your dad is a sweetie.

    I hear the weather has been insanely warm this time of year. No warmth in sight down here :(


  14. Are you glad to be back in the UK in your beautiful cottage? See you brought the hot weather with you. ida


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