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Thursday, September 1, 2011

My friend Ms. Maple

My dear friend Ms. S (aka Ms. Maple) has at last (!) begun her blog.....

Please go and visit here HERE and follow her too if you feel so inclined - that would be a wonderful welcome to the world of blogging for her. I know you won't be disappointed and I also know for sure that her blog will be filled with all manner of delicious and delightful goodies over the coming months. A real treat.

And Hostess am sure you will particularly enjoy - she hails orginally from Vancouver.


  1. Today has been incredibly exciting!!! Thank you so much for the lovely post, Mrs SE, and thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of blogging!!! After all this time of reading your blog, I have FINALLY figured out how to become a Follower AND comment. I am on a roll, my dear friend!!! Ms Maple xxx

  2. How exciting I'll pop on over and check out her new blog!


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