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Friday, September 9, 2011

Loving this UK website

If you don't know this fabulous English website I definitely recommend you take a peek. Great clothes, as well as vintage bits and bobs, and a 'street fashion' section. Oh, and a lifestyle and books section too. Could it get any better... ? Well, actually it can - FREE, yes, you read correctly, FREE worldwide shipping this weekend till Monday 12th September. Run, don't walk and click HERE

Happy Shopping and a Happy Weekend to all. (Don't forget to enter the code GLOBE at checkout to get the free shipping by the way.)

p.s. No, I haven't been paid in any way to write about Coggles.com - just love them, that's all.


  1. Great site. And I see they have Malene Birger, which makes me think of Faux Fuchsia's blog, of course, which makes me think of starting a meme in which we come up with outfits for eachother, which makes me tired, which makes me want another cup of tea. :)

  2. Googles has a wide variety of wares, it would appear to be something for everyone.
    I need very little these days as my wardrobe has been pared down and tweaked just a wee bit.
    Like Lisa i need another cup of tea...

    Have a fab weekend Sarah.

  3. Sarah, thank you for posting about this site. I was just over and think about returning to it again. Totally new for me. Happy weekend!

  4. Thank you for the link, a great spot to "window" shop this weekend.

  5. New to me but will have a more in dept browse later. Thanks for the link. Ida

  6. You have great tips. My Anta rug should be delivered any day now - to coincide with lighting my new fire. Can't wait :)

  7. I know Coggles but don't really look at it very often, but now that you've mentioned it...


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