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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Packing up

I think I am a fairly good packer but I have been defeated today. I am off tomorrow for a 2 month trip. The first 5 days are going to be spent in Singapore - think tropical temperatures and heat. Darling daughter is joining me there. Then it is off back to UK where it is far from tropical - back into Autumn weather - and I am there for 7 weeks or so. I am getting frustrated as I want to take my new boots (both pairs), lots of pairs of shoes, plenty of jackets, tops, trousers, (funnily enough come to think of it I haven't allocated any skirts) - is it to late to put one in, I ask myself? And I should really stick to a colour scheme as well - it all looks so dull....Oh help! Wish my suitcase resembled the one below rather than the the one above!

In my frustration I 'googled' packing a suitcase and have discovered the advice below from Fodor :

Slim Down Your Suitcase: 9 Tips for Packing Light
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Practical Travel Tips Fodor's Editors
Let's face it, no one ever came back from vacation saying: "I wish my bags had been heavier." A good traveler's goal is to carry the bare essentials and leave the excess at home. How to put your luggage on a diet? Follow these easy tips:
1. Do your homework. Call the hotel, motel, friend's house where you're staying and ask the following: do they have a hairdryer, iron, ironing board, beach towels, bathrobes, sand toys---basically anything that's bulky and that you'd rather leave at home? If the answer is yes, do not under any circumstances bring your own.
2. Check temperatures and events at your destination. Only pack what corresponds---do not bring "just in case" clothes.
3. Choose a central color to pack around. A neutral such as brown, black, or tan is a good place to start, then bring accessories and accent pieces that go with this color palette.
4. The numbers game. A good rule of thumb for trips less than one week is one shirt per day, one layering jacket or sweater, one bottom per every two days (but never less than two pairs of pants), no more than two pairs of shoes (one you wear and one you pack), underwear for every day, and seasonal additions, like a bathing suit.
5. Wash it out. If you're traveling for more than a week, follow the same numbers as above and plan on washing clothes instead of bringing more. If you're in a country with a good exchange rate, or aren't on a tight budget, take advantage of the hotel laundry service or dry cleaning. Otherwise, bring individual packets of Woolite and a travel stain-treatment stick (Tide to Go is the best one).
6. Write it down. Make detailed lists of everything you plan to bring. That way you can easily see if you've allotted six pairs of pants for a four-day trip. Be honest, note everything---including socks and underwear---and then stick to your list when packing.
7. Downsize toiletries. Pick up travel-size versions of your favorite products whenever you see them, not just when you're getting ready to travel. If you can't find miniatures, buy small plastic bottles and decant from larger products.
8. Wear your heaviest shoes, sweater, and jacket. That way, you don't have to pack them.
9. Pack outside your bag. Before you actually pack your suitcase, pile everything you plan to bring on your bed or dresser. This is your opportunity to eye your clothes and cull a few more items. If you pack directly into your suitcase, you'll be tempted to throw in a few extra items (trust us, you will). Once you've made the final edit, pack only what's in front of you. If you've followed our advice, your suitcase should now be a lean, mean, traveling machine: happy travels.

Hmmmm, some fairly good advice there. Ah well, think I had better go back upstairs and take another good hard look at what I intend to take with me on this long trip. One thing I will tell you though is that I am SO EXCITED and I can hardly wait to see my daughter - last time was around 6 months ago and we are going to have such a great time in Singapore before going on back to England. If I can I will post from Singapore but otherwise my next post will be from England.

So farewell from me for a while.....


  1. Have a fabulous time!

    Hope my Singapore details/email comes in handy!

  2. So so excited for you Sarah! Singapore and then back to England. Thanks for supplying the packing tips, they will come in very handy.

    I am sure there will be plenty of shopping here for you in London. :)

    I am meeting Susie from The Mill House in Sloane Square tomorrow. We will be thinking of you. :)

    Best wishes for a safe journey. I look forward to reading thru your travels....

    Jeanne xxx

  3. have fun sarah. i don't envy that packing situation at all.

    when are you moving back to england? will you change the name of your blog?


  4. Have a fabulous time! Packing for the variety of climates you'll be visiting is the toughest!

  5. I´m happy to read about your excitement!
    Have a safe journey!

  6. Sounds like fun!
    Maybe you could stuff your clothes into one pair of boots and pack them and wear the other pair?

    I always pack too much.

  7. Have a fantastic trip! Let me know if you're visiting London.

  8. Here in the UK Autumn has been cancelled due to lack of interest - Summer is back, yay! Some good packing tips there. Have a fabulous trip.

  9. Thanks all for the comments... Lilacs in May - you made me laugh with your Autumn cancelled due to lack of interest!!!But I am now thinking do I need more Summery type clothes too?? XXX

  10. I really need these types of packing tips. You're really so helpful. Blessed you.
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