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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Meanwhile back in the land of Oz

Whilst I have been away in England, Autumn has truly arrived in Australia and this is the view outside our house in Melbourne. Looking up to the right of the house.

And, below looking down towards the local shops, railway station etc.

Such amazing colours. Mr SE and I went for a walk at lunchtime and stopped at a cafe and partook of large mugs of delicious homemade soup. Just right for the weather.

A great weekend to one and all...
I am happy to report that so far my jet lag has not been too bad this time and I had a great flight over with dear old Qantas - 4 seats all to myself - and as you can imagine I stretched out and took advantage of making myself my own 'business class style bed in economy'!


  1. Such fine pictures! Tell me, how cold ( warm ) is it over there now? How cold does it get, and how long does it take, until it is warm ( hot ) again?

  2. Welcome back, Sarah!

    Luck you, 4 seats is almost as good as business. Especially for a long haul flight.

    SSG xxx

  3. Julienne - thank you... glad to be back.

    Metscan - glad you like the photos. The temperature today in Melbourne was 18 degrees C.. (max) down to around 10 degrees C. (during the day) in July (which is middle of winter) and it starts to warm up again in October. Obviously here is the furthest south in mainland Australia and in the North it is more tropical and much warmer all year round. x

    SSG - thank you - yes, I was lucky this time with the extra seats maybe that is why the jet lag is not quite as bad.

  4. hi sarah,

    the leaves look breathtaking. you two seem to have such a beautiful life together. i can just picture you two strolling and sipping soup in a cafe. how very lovely and romantic.


    ps~do try the granola. you will notice that my recipes rarely have more than 5 ingredients. i'm quite a lazy cook.

  5. Glad you were able to rest on the flight! That makes all the difference, in my experience.

    How fun that you've been able to move between spring and autumn in a matter of hours.

  6. welcome home. Soup is just the thing at this time! x

  7. Wonderful pics- haha! Think I had the same idea too :-)...Sooooooo good to have you back fairy godmother xxx

  8. Here you are. It's so gray and chilly here I feel as if we are moving into fall with you. But soon I will go and cut a bouquet of the remaining iris and peonies from the garden and the scents will remind me it is spring!

    Glad your trip went well and you are happily reunited. xoxo Jane

  9. Welcome back Sarah! See you soon x

  10. Welcome back! And I think by autumn you mean WINTER - it is freezing! Even my friend from Chicago, where it gets to -20 is struggling to get warm. I cheer when I get 2 seats, let alone 4!


  11. Four seats...you lucky girl!! Great to hear you made it back safe and sound Sarah!!


  12. Glad you made it back Sarah and that the jet lag is not too bad....enjoy the autumn leaves, xv.


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