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Friday, May 7, 2010

My news and what's new

On Monday my DDD went off to Indonesia with a backpack on her back (here she is at Heathrow airport) and not a backwards glance..... She is certainly making the most of her gap year before University in September but as her mother I cannot help but have a lump in my throat as she leaves again and worry whether she will be ok.

I know that she has reached the first stop safely (Bali) and is going to go on to 'Island hop' around Indonesia next week - apparently around the Gilli (sp?) Islands.

Meanwhile, I have been working each day at Indigo here in UK and back in Australia at PEONY I have heard that they have a very, very special range of new candles in from Laduree in Paris.....

How delicious !!! .... They come in quite a few 'flavours' / fragrances including - Brioche, Cafe Creme, Caramel Butter (mmmm), Marron Glace, Orange Blossom, and Wild Strawberry.... I cannot wait to get back there and smell them !

I am returning to Melbourne next week so more posts from my usual Semi Expat in Oz state soon.....


  1. DDD is certainly having a year to remember.
    It doesn't seem like you were in the UK very long this time... is that typical? I am flying over next week, volcano permitting ;)

  2. hi sarah,

    it's so hard to let go.
    she sounds like she is having a fabulous life and wish i had that kind of courage to travel when i was younger.


  3. Struggler - that is so exciting that you are coming over - I will make sure that volcano keeps quiet! Yes, a little shorter visit this time - you are right.x

    Janet - you are so right it is hard to let go - am getting better at it (slightly!)....x

  4. Oh man, how hard to let her go! But, you will find a little comfort in those candles I am sure!:)

  5. Sarah, I can so relate to this one...I hope your DDD has a wonderful trip.
    Best wishes to you for your last week in the UK. I hope you have had a wonderful trip. Look forward to more news soon...


  6. Hello Sarah
    Looking forward to your return to Melbourne, but do enjoy you last few weeks at 'home'.

    Best wishes to DDD on her travels. The advenutres!

    SSG xxx

  7. Hi Sarah, I too can relate, it can be so difficult to let go and let their wings take flight! Love your site.


    Art by Karena

  8. I wonder if that is my comment that came up in Chinese??? Oh dear!!

    I asked if DDD would be visiting Melbourne after Indonesia :))


  9. hey, if she ever needs more info on places to go to in bali and lombok (esp, the gili islands). i am more than happy to share her my list of favorite places via e-mail. just let me know. mona.sitindjak@gmail.com


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