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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The 6th the 10th and the SE Garden

A few days ago I was 'tagged' by Janet of the Gardeners Cottage to show the 6th photo that I posted onto my blog and to say why I picked it... well.. here we are this is it. At the time I was working at the shop Peony and the title of the post was called 'The shop on the other side of the road' - which was Ma Maison where I now do a regular stint each week when I am in Australia so really it is quite appropriate... for more information look at http://www.ma-maison.com.au/ And Jeanne from Collage of life tagged me to show my 10th photo... which was as follows...

showing an outfit I wore to work when I was working at Peony... A dress by Australian make 'Lounge Apparel' with a striped top underneath from Lilith (French make) with a tie cardi over the top by Avoca (Irish make) and wedge heeled boots which I bought in England but I think they are German! I posted this photo as I was showing what I wore to work each day when I started the blog and was looking after the perfumery Peony - for more information about Peony - http://www.peonymelbourne.com.au/. So, now I am 'tagging' some others to show either their 6th or their 10th photograph that they posted on their blog and to say why they picked it!

  • Carly from Tune in to Radio Carly

  • Susie from The Mill House

  • Pauline from Struggling to be Stylish

  • Jane from Small but Charming

  • Sydney Shop Girl

  • James from Man of the Fifties

    I also thought I would show you some Spring happenings in the garden... First off these gorgeous Auriculas - they come up each year without fail. I planted them in an antique French iron planter thingy....

Just remembered the name - it's an urn - not a thingy!! It's sitting on a little round French iron table which I got from my friends Kiel and Stuart of FONTAINE years ago.

And the blossom out on this little tree - signs of Spring everywhere but today it is dull and cold - just typical as it is a long weekend - Monday is a holiday here in UK.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend..........(and for those in Australia whose weekend is nearly over hope yours was wonderful too!!)


  1. Very nice garden pictures,wonderful to see spring come to your cottage.

  2. Nice outfit - I like the colour combo. And your garden looks lovely - we have pansies in our window boxes which I've been ignoring all year but inspite of the neglect they're looking lovely too.
    PS don't forget the interiors art project!

  3. The garden is looking fab indeed. And the Logies this year are not very exciting!

    Enjoy the rest of your day x

  4. Love the photos! Such a stylish lady you are! Love your thingy too! Very pretty.

    Enjoy the long weekend, Sarah!

    Best wishes,

  5. Lovely garden pictures! I so enjoy seeing gardens in other parts of the world.

  6. I love it when someone else has that problem!!! I do envy you spring and I love the 'thingy'!!!

  7. The garden looks wonderful...and such a pretty looking little shop!

  8. Sarah....enjoy seeing these early photos from your blogging days. It is a fun experience to travel back and see how much has transpired since then.

    Hope you found a relaxing activity for this rainy Sunday. I actually don't mind it...sometimes you need a rainy day every now and again. I can't believe I am saying that. Some day I am sure I will take it back!!
    When do you head back to OZ?

    Take care


  9. A black and white striped awning! I don't care what's in the store but I must go in. I adore them.

    Love your thingy!


  10. Humph, typical Bank Holiday weather!
    I will go and look back at photos 6/10 and see what's share-able!

  11. Hello Semi Expat

    What gorgeous flowers!

    6th and 10th - count me in.

    I am going away tomorrow but it will be a fabulous post for whe I return next week!

    Thanks again,

    SSG xxx

  12. I have never seen an Auriculas before. If I had it was not that beautiful. Gorgeous flowers. They look like the Royal Trumpet of flowers.

  13. Love your urn, and the garden is incredibly beautiful.

    Thanks for the tag. i look forward to playing the game with you!

    Love your photos and their stories. Your life is constantly interesting and surprising.

  14. Your garden looks gorgeous.Spring is my favourite time of the year as it is the time that people and nature wake from their deep Winter sleep :-)

    A bientot,

    Leeann x

  15. Hi Sarah - sorry couldn't give any advance warning of my imminent departure in case GG read it - stranger things have happened! Was hoping you would still be in UK when I get back at end May but alas, you will be gone! Enjoy the rest of your time there! Love Susie x

  16. Thanks for the supporting comment on my blog! Since I'm a little behind on catching up, I'm including some of your previous posts in my comment. First of all: The dog is GORGEOUS!!! Love, love, love! The picture in the grass is so lovely, and so is the one where you're holding it.

    And the flowers are beautiful. Love the unusual colors.

    Lastly, I think the idea of explaining why you put up certain photos is a fun one. Everything's got a story, doesn't it?


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