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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weekend flowers. At home and away.

Mr SE returned home last night bearing gifts... Well, a gift of many flowers. He said it was because I have been a good nurse looking after him after his operation on his elbow. So sweet of him as truth is (as my family knows) I am really not a great nurse and am woefully inadequate in that department and go all hollow-legged and lightheaded at anything which comes remotely under the heading of wounds and stitches needing treatment!

Such lovely flowers - I felt very lucky. They are from our local florist at the end of the road - now under new management apparently.

Away Flowers......

A display at PEONY. Showcasing DIPTYQUE'S organic Body Care Range.

Roses and Orchids above.

And close up of the roses on a French rustic iron garden chair.... - my kind of antique - a little bit battered around the edges but quite loved. Bit like me I suppose!!

A wonderful to weekend to you all wherever you are in the world and whatever you are doing.


  1. Beautiful flowers! I especially love the image of those roses on the antique chair...so lovely!!

  2. Wonderful lilies! A relaxing weekend to you too!

  3. What beautiful flowers - both here and abroad.

    Glad Mr SE is on the mend.

    Have a lovely weekend, Sarah.

    SSG xxx

  4. Thought of you today as I went to DIG and know you like it there!

    Gorgeous stuff, esp the urns.

  5. Early Saturday am here. As your house is filling with the lovely scent of lilies, I'm on the computer drinking my first coffee,

    Thanks for the lovely flowers to start my day. And that chair! Would love to find one like that in my garden. Hope the recovery process is processing,I am that kind of nurse myself!

  6. Lovely flowers nurse fairy godmother! Abba post please?? xx

  7. Sarah, those flowers are going to smell divine...good for you for making Mr SE so happy. Keep that nursing cap on....you might be able to manage these weekly!


  8. Love lilies...so fragrant and long lasting. It's interesting how we rise to the occasion when necessary...and so appreciated by Mr. SE.

    I am enchanted by the roses on the rusty metal chair...have a great weekend.

  9. What a fabulous nurse you must be! Enjoy those beautiful lilies.

    Looks like Peony has some delicious smelling goodies in stock! Lucky you to be able to sample them all!

    Hope your weekend has been wonderful. It was quite cool and very overcast here in Brisbane today-a perfect day to catch up on my favourite blogs!

    Best wishes for a fabulous week,

  10. think the scarf was from Portmans seconds shop- was about $10 a few months ago -isn't DIG Wonderful?

  11. Hope all had a fabulous weekend (or still enjoying one depending on where you are in the world!) - thank you for your comments - so lovely to hear from you all and thanks FF for the speedy answer to my question too!

  12. Love the lilies. They are also my favourite as the perfume is divine. I received some this week too and when I walk in the front door the perfume is gorgeous. If I lived next to a florist I'd be seriously broke. The roses on the chair are beautiful. Love your blog!

  13. Those roses are just magic! Thanks for your visit and lovely words. You make me laugh too! Hope the weekend was a good one and the patient continues to be wonderfully impressed by your nursing abilities!


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