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Monday, May 10, 2010

A meeting of sisters on a Sunday

Yesterday I met up with my youngest sister Jo (the one that got married last month - scroll down the blog for the post if you'd like - 'A very English Wedding ') with her daughter Daisy - my mini niece. After much deliberation on where we'd meet up we decided in the end that the best place would be halfway between our houses which happens very conveniently to be our parents' home in the middle of Hampshire.

This of course was a very Good Move on our part as a lovely lunch was served as ever by my parents. The photograph above shows a delicious bottle of New Zealand Sauvignon blanc nicely chilled which went extremely well with the salmon mousse that my father had made. (I have asked him for the recipe to put on the blog later on if he will reveal it!) My parents always lay out their dining tables beautifully even if it is just the two of them! And prepare their breakfast table each night before they go to bed to be ready for the morning! Just one of their rituals that have become so familiar to us their offsping, over the years!

Dad's salmon mousse. (The china is Villeroy and Boch's "Petite Fleur" - quite appropriate for a lovely Spring day).

In the afternoon sister Jo, Daisy and I went for a walk along the high street in their village. It's really beautiful - full of lovely Georgian houses and trees which at the moment are looking their best - full of blossom.

Best foot forward! My sister and Daisy.

My favourite type of architecture again. Georgian.

Couldn't resist a photograph of this magnificent wisteria.

Nor this - pink clematis montana.

And whenever I go to my parents I have to look in the window of this shop. A lovely interiors place in the high street - good in some ways that it was closed! In the window of the right they were showcasing fabrics by Malabar which are a particular favourite of mine. The striped red and cream one at the back is what I have in my sitting room in a roman blind.

French inspired chair in the right hand window.

Lefthand window - very comfortable looking and smart upholstered chair -fun cushions too!

On the 'home- straight' back to Grandma's house (and the promise of a drink and a biscuit!)

Now, where are they? Or, rather -wonder what Grandma has in this drawer?

I had such a lovely day - certainly these are times to treasure especially as I'm returning very soon back again to Australia.


  1. What gorgeous photos, S!

    Your parents have a beautiful home.

    Belated Happy Mother's Day :-)

    SSG xxx

  2. Beautiful photos Sarah and I love that your parents still set the table with the best intentions in mind. It makes such a difference when you sit down to a lovely table. Your travels along town are lovely. The wisteria is a marvel to me. It is hanging like big lush boughs everywhere...I can now appreciate why the English love their gardens.
    What is not to love!

    Enjoy your last few days...and safe travels.


  3. These pictures are so lovely Sarah. It was nice to see a slice of English life-thank you!

    I hope that you enjoy the time you are there with your family and friends...see you back in OZ soon!

    Best wishes always,

  4. these are wonderful photos esp the niece! Fabulous.

  5. What a very pretty village. Enjoyed the photos and I think your niece is a trick!

  6. Now that was a lovely day, in photos and in words. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. Sarah..just gorgeous...you have shared alot of loveliness with us in this post...what a great day spent with family x

  8. hi sarah,

    glad to know i'm not the only mom who did the cooking yesterday!

    your parent's home is so lovely and your niece is darling.


  9. Your father made Salmon mousse, how great!...I'll await the recipe...lovely table and the high street stroll with the wisteria and architecture...cute wee niece too!

  10. A lovely table. And "my mini niece" too cute!

  11. Looks like a lovely day! I really enjoy these vicarious visits to your parts of the world.

    And that crab pillow...WANT!!!

  12. Thank you for sharing your day with us; by showing all the pictures. Surely your parents were thrilled to have you all come over!

  13. Love those Georgian houses - they're beautiful. And the wisteria. How nice that your parents always set the table - I like it when things are done properly.

  14. 青春一逝不復返,事業一失難有成。 ..................................................

  15. A perfect way to spend the day, and looking forward to that receipi soon please as I have people for dinner and need to prepare in advance. xxx

  16. Hi Sarah - looks like you had a lovely family get together prior to the long trip back!! Salmon mousse recipe please....looks delish! I'm sitting here in Sydney at 6.30 in the morning catching up on the shambles that is the election and thinking of you winging your way back...I've been here for more than a week now and still feel 'muddled' - it feels like having too much wine every day....horrid...I just want to put my head into a bowl of icy water and try to 'clear' it...safe travels x

  17. I've just posted my Semi Expat home is where the art is! Hope you like it - and thank you so much.


  18. I'm not sure whether I'm more in love with the idea of your Dad's salmon mousse, or the fun crab cushion!
    Glad you had such a fun day.


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