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Monday, May 24, 2010

Saturday night

I was transformed back into the dancing Queen - young and sweet only 17..... Well, it certainly felt that way again even though of course the age was just a little bit out! We had such a great evening. Yes, it was a little bit 'naf', a little 'cheesey' and perhaps teensy bit 'camp' even but my goodness it was FUN!
Every single person was UP on their feet - hands waving, endorphins doing their stuff and at the end of the evening most people left with a huge
SMILE on their faces.

I LOVED it - regular readers will know that my secret has already been outed - I am an ABBA fan and I say "Thank you for the Music" and will do for as long as their songs are around.


  1. Dancing queen, young and sweet ONLY 53!!!!!!!!!

  2. Excuse me, naughty niece it may rhyme but you have added 2 years here!

  3. Secret Abba fan here too! Just hearing an Abba tune, makes me want to get up and dance, sounds like you had a fantastic Saturday night!

  4. You go girl!! I missed the ABBA scene but have heard all about it for many years. Secret envy on my part! Sounds like a wonderful night!
    Best wishes for a wonderful week Sarah and thanks for your comments:)


  5. I Love Abba too Ch S, have been to a couple of ABBA mania nights over here and really enjoy and everyone there are so happy, dancing to the music etc XXX

  6. Love Abba- my 1st album was Abba back in 76. I used to play Abba with my sister- she was the blonde I was the brunette....

  7. How fun!! Abba is a guaranteed mood lifter and that is why I always have some on my ipod.

  8. hi sarah,

    although i'm not an abba fan i can totally appreciate the fun you must have had. sounds like you had a ball!


  9. Ha! My stepfather is Swedish and therefore I have to at least admire ABBA or I'd be banned:).

  10. I love Abba, too! They were on top of their popularity when I was a kid, and I had all their albums. I remember I was so sad when they broke up.

  11. i think an abba tribute show would be heaps of fun!
    but then i like all types of live music.
    glad you had a great time!

  12. LOVE ABBA! One of the thrills of my life was meeting them when I was a kid!


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