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Sunday, October 24, 2010

20 Years - A Birthday Party!

On Friday evening we rushed back from work and then went out to a very special party. It was the 20th Birthday of the company I am working for and the party was called "20 Years in Fashion". The dress was 'Black and White Vogue' and, as you can see from the photograph below, everyone stuck to the theme and all looked very celebratory... Ark Clothing started 20 years ago by two friends - Jen Layton and Christine Metcalfe and they began with children's clothing - selling first of all 'party plan' style from their homes. As the business grew they branched into women's fashion instead and now 20 years later are still going strong (no mean feat in these economic times) with three stand alone boutiques in Melbourne as well as selling wholesale to many boutiques across Australia and internationally. I have to say that although I have only been with the company since July I already feel a valued staff member and it is great to be with a company that still has a fundamental family feel.

The waitresses below - all looking so cute in their black and white outfits.

The entertainment - a tap dancing troupe - extremely energetic and fun to watch!

Note, the party was held in the new company headquarters - you can see behind the tap dancers the sample boards and design plans ! All the clothing is not only designed in Melbourne but it is all also made here too and that in itself is unusual these days.

And here we both are with our outfits... I wore my black lace party dress and added the white by way of my pearl collection (remember I told you before that I mix my op. shop / charity shop pearls with my Chanel ones?!) We were also each given a pearl necklace too - a lovely touch.

Mr SE wore his dinner suit/tuxedo/DJ - very smart! He looks good in black and white..

So, - HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY to The Ark.

For more information about The Ark - go to http://www.theark.com.au/ They also have a blog (top right of the home page) and I have been asked to write occasionally for them - I did the last post about furnishings in the new store.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend wherever you are and whatever you are doing.


  1. What a beautiful do, Semi Expat! It is a beautiful thing to be so well received by those you work with.

    I especially loved the photos of Mr SE and yourself :-)

    SSG xxx

  2. Dear SE,
    you look lovely all glammed up. The night looks fun!
    I am going to a work do next Saturday too.
    Hope you are well :)
    Carly xx

  3. hi sarah,

    i've caught kirstens insomnia.

    you both look stunning in your black and white, so classy!

    you work for a nice company to throw such a great party for everyone to celebrate.

    happy sunday.


  4. You both look fantastic. Are you blonder is your hair shorter? You look different in every picture I see of you.

    Even though I'm sitting here, sipping my morning coffee dressed in yoga pants with bed head, I swear you are a fashion inspiration to me!

    xo Jane

  5. Don't you both look beautiful all dressed up. I am so glad you had such a glamorous do to attend.
    I suspect you were the belles of the ball!
    Congratulations to Ark, and you are right no mean feat to last 20 years and with production in Australia...that's clever!
    Hope the weekend was lovely xx

  6. Love your hair and you know what a pearl fan I am...swooning over the Chanel necklace!
    What a fun event and you both look party worthy in your finery.

  7. Wow! Thank you for the chance to see you both in party your gear. You two look so great : )

  8. So much fun. You are gorgeous...

  9. I love the mix of pearls over the black lace.
    Romantic and chic!

  10. Mother, you are hot. Party looks great ( you know I only look at the pictures!)
    Miss you to the moon and back

  11. The party looks amazing, and you look really beautiful especially with all your lovely pearls. xx

  12. What a fancy party and two lovely looking guests!

    M xx

  13. Looking good!

    I'm a Brit in California like Struggler, though I was educated in Australia so I have one leg in three cultures.... or something. My biggest cultural mystery is Pumpkin Patches here. I don't understand how they have persuaded children to think that visiting vegetables is fun.

    Vegemite I do understand.

  14. Hey! Thanks for the comments on my blog
    It was so lovely to met you and Sophie last night - you are both really nice!
    Hope to see more of you now we've met once.
    Enjoy Maggie's book.
    Carly xx

  15. Looks like a night of fashion and fun - you look fab! I like your hair colour, is it blonder?

  16. Black and white is such a classy theme. You and Mr SE look great. As for the tap dancers, they look wonderful!

  17. Love your hair and you know what a pearl fan I am...swooning over the Chanel necklace!
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