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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meeting Maggie

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Maggie Alderson (and others, more about that later) where she was at a local bookstore - 'Readings' in Hawthorn, Melbourne to launch her latest book - 'Shall We Dance'. She talked to us all first, telling us a little about the book - the main character of the novel - Loulou Landers is the Queen of Vintage Fashion and Maggie brought along a few of her vintage clothing treasures to show us too.

Maggie A. is everything I thought she would be - charming, talented and very lovely. I have read and adored everything she has ever written and the only trouble is I know that as soon as I begin this book I will be sad because I'll read it all too quickly and then it will come to an end. I think I will savour the pleasure of knowing it's here sitting on my bedside table waiting for me for a while before I open it and start to read.

It was also so very good to run into some other Melbourne bloggers too...Dear Carly from Tune in to Radio Carly who has already described the evening on her lovely blog... and there was also gorgeous M from She Wore It Well as well as my niece Miss Sophie from Regally Blonde (although I knew she was coming - I rang her and said come on over - she only lives around the corner!) Anyway, the four of us had a little chat too which was really nice.

And on a personal little note - a lovely lady whom I had never met before came up to me and said - 'Hello, it's Semi Expat, isn't it?! ' and told me she so enjoyed my blog although she is I think, in blog speak "a lurker" (!!) (one who always reads but does not comment apparently).... Well, I don't mind that at all, I was just blown away that someone came up to ME and said she read my blog!! I was very flattered I have to say - so sweet of you and if you are reading now -I forgot to ask you your name, - sorry!! Although maybe you did tell me and I didn't take it in, I was so surprised. Anyway, thank you - you made a wonderful evening even more special.


  1. How wonderful - about meeting Maggie Alderson and your 'lurker' reader, Semi Expat.

    So wish I was there too.

    SSG xxx

  2. We wish you could have been too SSG! x

  3. Great recap! It was a nice night, and exciting the 'lurker' came up to speak to you.

  4. Would love to have been there too. I thoroughly enjoy all her books and have Shall we Dance on my bedside table!
    Your niece is a stunner...just like her Aunt obviously!

  5. That's so cool you got recognised by a reader!
    That has never happened to me but I imagined I would get frazzled and embarrassed and probably got bright red!

    I LOVEEEEEEEE that rose perfume from hermes you posted about earlier.
    It's my next perfume I want to buy!! It's so beautiful!
    I don't usually like rose scented things or floral perfumes but this is just amazing!
    I want to try and finish my kelly celeche before i buy a new perfume.
    Cant wait to own it though!

  6. How delightful that someone recognized you from your blog!
    Love the book suggestion too...let us know what you think when you finish.

  7. That's all the recommendation I need - I will look out for something by Maggie Alderson to read.
    As for a blog follower coming up to you, that is so, so cool! It's never happened to me, but on reflection, that's probably because I don't look much like a swan in real life ;)

  8. hi sarah,

    i have never read any of her books and i will fix that immediatley. she sounds wonderful.

    also, how great to have a blog reader acknowledge you in public. geez my own friends don't read my blog!


  9. Hello there Sarah! Another wonderful post, and thank you so much for promoting this wonderful new title by Maggie Alderson, yes definitely one for the bedside table!!

    I hope you are well and enjoying work and The Cup Weekend. The new Colour Lab Store/Cafe opens next week, so I will be in touch with the new blog news so and do hope you will visit.

    Best wishes and wonderful to see your blog growing and flourishing more and more every week!!

    Claire x


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