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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New suede shoes

I have been meaning to show you these for a while, well around 10 days or so now. I bought them the first weekend I got back to Melbourne and normally I buy NOTHING whilst jet lagged for fear of making wrong decisions. But these I am really very, very pleased with. A lovely colour - resembling the Chanel nail polish colour Particuliere that there was all the 'hoo-ha' about a few months ago. Otherwise known as taupe, or as it says on the box - cam.taupe (camel taupe?). Not sure.
They remind me of little moles. Cute.

They are Italian and I am told they are hand made (says so on the box too!). Extraordinary good value if they were - anyway, they are extremely comfortable and have leather soles with ridges in them (to prevent that 'leather sole slip' I'd imagine).

Above - mole shoes in the sunshine. And below:

Miss Kit Cat, aka Button, (the other girl in Mr SE's life) feels she looks FAR better on the shoe box than those silly shoes did in the first photograph!!

Shoes from : ZOMP http://www.zomp.com.au/ (and apparently they have just opened in Brisbane, FF!)


  1. Oh dear oh dear oh dear! What have you done to me I am Australia's answer to Imelda Marcos and you show me shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They are just gorgeous, and comfortable too. That doesn't happen often.
    Now what size did you say you were? Just in case you decide you don't like them anymore! xx

  2. The seude looks sumptuous on those shoes...and who doesn't love shoes?
    I must say though that Miss Kit Cat aka Button is charming...it's time for me to get another cat myself...I miss those furry cuddles.

  3. i love suede.. have a few suede shoes n bags.

  4. Shoes that feel comfortable to wear are truly precious. Take good care of them.
    Your cat looks so cute: )

  5. Shoes even a footsore florist can wear. On her day off of course.

    xo jane

  6. Excellent choice of shoes, Semi Expat. The colour is very versatile.

    SSG xxx

  7. Love the shoes! They look super comfy! I'm very big on comfortable footwear at the moment. My high heels haven't seen light of day since I left work - I actually wonder if I can still walk in them!

  8. Ooh, they do look very stroke-able. As, of course, does Button.


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