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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just whose birthday was it?!

As I said in an earlier post, last weekend was Mr SE's birthday but I also was given gifts from him. Very lucky.
If you remember Mr SE came to England briefly with me (via Paris for meetings) but then went off back to Australia by way of Singapore and the Grand Prix. Not only did he bring me back a beautiful pair of dark grey pearl earrings but also this lovely orange iconic carrier bag above....
which contained this beautiful be-ribboned box....

And inside the box a cotton carrier with a little drawstring top.

And - Ta-Dah......!! A bottle of beautiful Rose Ikebana Hermessence fragrance. It is so beautiful - described as :
"A contrast of rose petal and crisp rhubarb. Airy, delicate, sparkling" ... quite unusual with the rhubarb notes but I really love it. It's green and uplifting - just the kind of fragrance that appeals to me.

Look how lovely the bottle is too with the leather top. Just gorgeous. I had only had a very small bottle before and finished it quite quickly I loved it so much. Am very happy and yup, I know....


  1. Lucky!!!!! And spoilt. You and Mr SE do lead a glamorous life.

  2. Oh my goodness...I would have been happy with just the orange bag. Awesome gift...and you deserve it darling because you are equally as awesome xo

  3. Woo hoo! What a lovely present - and what did you buy Mr SE?

  4. The bag, the packaging, the anticipation - almost as lovely as the gift itself, enjoy. x

  5. Few gifts I enjoy more than those that come in the orange box.

    Lucky you. But why not, you're lovely.

    xo jane

  6. Lucky girl!! But I'm sure Mr SE was spoilt by you also! xo

  7. That sounds like my kind of perfume...Though when it comes in that packaging and in that bag...does it really matter what it smells like...cause you just know it will be good!!!!
    What did you bring back for Mr SE?

  8. My guess is, you deserve all of it:).

  9. I do so love that scent...and the orange box...such luxe!
    What a sweet gift from Mr. SE...

  10. hi sarah,

    well, well, well. look at mr se go. i didn't think it was possible for him to move up the ladder but he just did. sarah, you are lucky indeed.


  11. sarah tell mr se that he could drop a few rungs on that ladder and still be in first place. i wish i was meeting with you and ff and blighty. i'm so jealous.

  12. He's a great guy! The rhubarb combo sounds intriguing.

  13. lucky, what an awesome gift.

    i bump into your blog and browse a little and loving it. very light & easy about a little bit of everything.

  14. Hello all and thanks for the very sweet comments as ever...You are all so kind. Orange boxed gifts are so lovely!! And I think the main question was - what did I get Mr SE.? To be honest, very boring gifts but he wanted them !! Gadgetty things for his Apple MacBook including a "magic mouse" - I would HATE to be a boy and get gadgets but that is what he loves. I also bought him some clothes too (because that is what I love!) - some trousers - slate grey brushed cotton - casual - he looks v. nice in them and liked them too. Lily Riani thanks for becoming the latest follower and pleased you like the blog. You are number 87 - will I make 100 by Christmas I ask myself??!! X

  15. I love this man of yours Sarah..I remember the Chanel ballet slippers too. He is such a sweetheart and definetly knows what his lady likes...smart man!! Must say though, that the 'magic mouse' sounds good to me too!

    Jeanne xxx


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