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Monday, October 4, 2010

DDD goes to University.... or Durham, here we come!

Friday morning started dull and rainy. Stormy in fact and we drove North...
Or rather, the ex-husband drove - I sat in the back and DDD sat in the front of the car. The weather was atrocious and the journey took about 7 hours. When we reached Durham we were rewarded with this... see photograph below and hopefully a good omen for the next three years of her Undergraduate life. Next morning we were up bright and early as was the sun ... What a difference a day makes... Durham Cathedral and the castle to the right.

Daughter, smiling even though I know inwardly a little nervous.

River Wear.

Old flagstones and cobblestones on the roads.

Entrance to the castle.

The Cathedral and quandrant in front of it.

Beautiful buildings... think this is early Regency.

Again, another shot of the cathedral. Apparently some scenes from Harry Potter movies were filmed around here in Durham - not sure which film but if it seems a little familiar then you know why!

And finally above. This is where I hope DDD will be spending much of her time as a diligent student!!
I have to admit to feeling pretty miserable today. Only to be expected I guess and I hope that she is enjoying the start of her University life with a fun "freshers' week".....


  1. hi sarah,

    omg. so gorgeous, your daughter first and then her new home/school. how lucky can you get? what an experience it is going to be for the both of you. how can anything but good come from such a gorgeous place?


  2. What a fine choice. Durham University is lovely with its old buildings and traditions, and the surrounding countryside is super. She looks lovely in her photo!

  3. Your daughter is so pretty! I wish I'd gone to uni somewhere like that instead of the 1970s concrete monstrosity I rocked up to!

    I am sending you the declutter book. Can you pls email me yr postal address in melb to fauxfuchsia@live.com.au ? I finished it last pm. It was sad but interesting.

  4. Good luck to your daughter. And to you in your empty nest. I hope she comes home often, but is extremely happy at the U.

  5. Beautiful. She looks like her mother.

    You won't be too lonely I hope, you have all of us.

    xo and another xo Jane

  6. Good luck to your daughter - I'm sure that she'll do well in such a lovely place. Thank you for posting the photos of Durham. I lived in the North of England for a while and looking at the buildings and cobbled streets brought back some memories.

  7. I love Durham! What a wonderful time in your daughter's life. My mum sobbed all the way home when she left me at uni apparantly! It's a big moment for everyone. I feel for you. My eldest is 16 today so it will be happening here before we know it and it will be me crying in the car! xx

  8. Good luck! I wish we went away for uni here in Aust. Instead I was a half hour bus ride from my parents house!!

    Seems like a gorgeous place, I'm sure she'll enjoy.

    Let me know when you get back to Melb and settle in, I still have your prize! xo

  9. Thank you all so much.... It really is comforting to have these messages of support and encouragement from my 'blogging buddies' - you are all so kind...
    Janet - the place is lovely and has a great feeling too.
    Mise - yes, thank you,we hope it is a good choice too.
    FF - even though yours may have been a 'concrete monstrosity' it was very lucky to have YOU there! Thanks so much for the offer of the book - how lovely and thank you -am delighted - will email you...
    LPC - you know the empty nest syndrome too, but I hope she comes home as much as poss - def. to Oz in March though.
    Flowerjane - thank you - you are so sweet.
    Bethan- thank you and glad you liked the Durham photos - and welcome to the blog - thanks for following.
    Belinda - thanks for your comment too and welcome... I did cry but not ALL the way home!
    Will be your turn too soon..!
    SWIW - Thanks my dear... think there are pluses and minuses for being near home when you are at Uni! And am so looking forward to my prize when I get back to Melbourne. Keep the sun shining like the weekend please till Friday - will be in touch. X

  10. Lovely pictures, just like some I have seen in many English tv-series and movies. A great moment for your daughter. Great for being able to share the big moment together.

  11. What a beautiful town. The pictures you have captured are wonderful.

    And your daughter is such a natural beauty.
    Oh to be young again and have your future ahead of you...sigh!
    I hope that she will enjoy her studies away from home without being homesick...and that you will not miss her too much.

  12. Many years ago when I was at sixth form we went to Durham University on a geography field trip - I'd forgotten how lovely it is. What a fantastic place to study - I'm sure she'll love it. And I know it's a few months away but DDD's visit in March is something to look forward to.

  13. Congrats to DDD! My brother went to Durham and it's a lovely city, if a little chilly at times. I've never forgotten the oh-so-welcome mushroom & tarragon soup I had there :)

  14. Good luck Poppy - am sure she will feel at home in no time! Know exactly how you are feeling Sarah - think positive and look forward to all the long holidays! It's a new chapter for you all - best wishes and thinking of you x

  15. Gorg pics of D! The place and my cousin :-)... Looking forward to hearing all about UK! XX

  16. Metscan - was so pleased to have shared the experience with her.
    Hostess - thank you - am sure she will enjoy her time there.
    TNMA - it was such a gorgeous city - never been before. I will look forward to March so much though!
    Struggler - have to get her to look out for that soup!
    Susie - thanks for your kind words - yes, a new chapter and one you know all about!
    Sophie P - looking forward to seeing you again and letting you know all about the trip dear godaughter! x

  17. This looks like such a beautiful place to spend one's univerity years. And the shot of the rainbow is gorgeous.

  18. Thanks Sniff - we were soooo happy to see the rainbow - my daughter and I thought it meant something very special.x

  19. Emotional time for everyone --like chopping off a limb, really. Must look ahead to good times with adult children. xxoo


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