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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Snake eggs in the garden beds!

Well, I am back again in the beautiful city of Melbourne and the weekend has been quite eventful to say the least. It was Mr SE's birthday yesterday - we went out for breakfast to a new cafe, it's been very sunny, but also it has been a little bit scary too....!
Well, just LOOK what Mr SE unearthed this morning whilst doing a little gardening.... Yes, I know they do look a little like fungi or some kind of underground mushroom (they were buried just under the mulching) but we have looked them up on the internet they are..... SNAKE eggs! Their texture is quite leathery though I am pleased to report that their inhabitants have gone...
Look at the photograph above - there is the little hole that the baby snake makes in order to get out of the egg... Now I am a little worried in case they have decided that they would prefer to be INSIDE the SE's house. Fingers crossed they haven't and instead have slithered off to somewhere far more exciting.
Meanwhile talking of exciting things (or far less frightening!) this was how I spent the afternoon at my parents before I left to come back to Australia.... We took back my hire car and on the way back stopped here :

This watercress farm is near their home and they often go and buy a few bunches. My father makes a very good watercress soup.

Look how lovingly it is packed on ice. You leave the money in the box and take what you want - all done on trust.

The vital ingredient for growing watercress is, of course, water – mineral rich flowing water from which the peppery salad leaf takes its many nutrients

Above photograph shows the stream where the watercress is harvested...

My parents standing near the water's edge. The brighter green leaves in the stream are the watercress leaves.

As I said at the beginning of the post it has been a beautiful and sunny weekend - Melbourne has done me proud to welcome me back again after the sad round of saying my goodbyes yet again in England. And the lovely people at Qantas were very nice and with the help of Mr SE's kindly donated Qantas points I was upgraded to Business class....! A real treat over such a long journey.


  1. Welcome back AA!! Lovely pics of cress, snakes and g'ma/g'pa. Gorgeous weather here- lots of sunbaking dear! Missed you lots XXX

  2. Glad you traveled in comfort. Can you tell me which site you went to to identify the eggs? I found several lots of that wiry stuff in our garden last year and yes I thought it was a fungus! Silly me!!! I would like to know how that comes about.
    Will keep my eye out for snakes this year.
    You parents are very smart and beautiful. Thanks for dropping by xx

  3. As a constant upgrader, and as a consequence, an always broke flier, I am delighted to hear you traveled business. How long a flight?

    Snakes make my vole seem insignificant. I'm sure they're not in your house though. Just slithered off to greener pastures.

    Happy birthday to Mr. SE.

    xo Jane

  4. Welcome Back Sarah..you lucky thing, Business Class on Qanta:))
    It is pure heaven on the newer planes. It is amazing what a difference it makes to your jet lag too.

    Snake eggs..hmmm, have to say I do not miss that part of living in Australia. Gorgeous photos...a wonderful little surprise waiting for you in your garden.

    What a lovely photograph of your parents. It sounds like a whiriwind trip, watercress and all.

    Mr. SE must be happy to have you home!!

    Jeanne xxx

  5. hi sarah,

    please tell mr se that janet wishes him a happy birthday. he is my fav blog husband you know!

    snakes in the garden, oh well what can we do? they have to live somewhere right?

    lucky you going bus class. i hate flying but that would make it much more comfortable.

    your parents are just adorable, sarah.


  6. So nice to hear that you have landed safe and sound and with class; ) Your parents look so young, healthy and happy! Snakes, omg.. I hope you are soon back on track ; )!

  7. A handsome pair, your parents. I would not worry about the snake eggs too much, I am certain the giant tarantulas eat them.

  8. Your parents are so cute. Watercress soup sounds absolutely delicious right about now.

  9. Those snake eggs would freak me out big time!
    Your parents look ever so young and are trim and fit looking...
    happy to hear that you are home and safe.

    I love watercress sandwiches, my dear Grandmother used to make them for me and cut off the crusts and served them with tea.

  10. EEEEEK! Snake eggs! Just when I thought it was safe to go back on a blog! xx

  11. Yikes re snakes and your parents look wonderful! x

  12. Hope the snakes wont appear when we are there in December!! Cant wait to visit you, sorry we didnt get to see you this time, but it will be fab visiting you Down under and seeing you in your home there!!! XXX

  13. Blood hell, snakes! I'd be checking the toilet very carefully over the next few days.

  14. OK, I'm crossing Oz off my list of places to live :) I do hope you don't come across any in the house.

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