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Monday, December 13, 2010

A Christmas 'Do' with a difference

Tomorrow, the company I work for - THE ARK - is having a Christmas celebration for all staff. This is a little different from any other Christmas party I've been to before. For a start it's a breakfast party which is rather novel in itself - and it begins at 7.30 AM rather than an evening do beginning at say, 7.30 PM. And, in case you were wondering the three Ark stores are opening a little late tomorrow morning too!

Secondly, (and I think this is the best part), in lieu of bringing gifts for each other or doing a 'Secret Santa', we have all been asked to bring a wrapped gift to the Christmas Breakfast for Open Family Australia. This wonderful charity which has been going for more than 30 years provides a range of outreach services to young people many of whom are disengaged from society or perhaps even live on the streets. We have been asked to mark our gifts to say what sort of age range it is suitable for and whether it's a male, female or a unisex gift. What a great idea!

I will take my camera as apparently where we are going for the breakfast party is very pretty and looks out over the River Yarra. More photographs to follow in another post this time tomorrow.


  1. Well isn't that what Christmas is all about! xx

  2. I think that is a wonderful thing to do... I hope you have an absolutely fantastic breakfast!

  3. Great idea...and you'll feel good that someone who otherwise might have little or nothing will enjoy your generosity...
    great reminder!

    We should all participate in our own communities and give/donate to the local agencies that help the poor.

    Hope that you have fun at the breakfast!

  4. Hope you enjoyed the party. That sounds like a very worthwhile charity!

  5. Well done The Ark. I'm always up for breakfast and usually too tired for an evening do this time of year.

    And I'm never too tired or feeling too poor to give to those with less.

    There for the grace of God, right?

    xo Jane

  6. Great idea. I hate to be Scrooge, but all the faintly useless gifts which get purchased and exchanged for Secret Santa parties do trouble me.

  7. Great cause to support in lieu of an office Krs Kringle.

    Have a lovely time at the party, Semi Expat.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  8. I'm a big fan of breakfasts!

    We have a Christmas lunch at work and instead of gifts, we donate $10 each and buy gifts for the Kmart wishing tree. $10 towards kids goes a lot further than $10 for a co worker.


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