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Friday, December 10, 2010

Weekend flowers

Just look at the beautiful blue of this lovely convolvulus flower. It really is this gorgeous shade and whilst I know that many regard it as a weed I think it has to be forgiven any weedy connection simply because of its beauty. Here it is growing amongst the bank of hedging in the driveway leading to our house.
And whilst my weekend begins on Sunday (I have Sunday and Monday off this week) I just wanted to wish everyone a lovely couple of days, wherever you are and whatever you may be doing.


  1. The colour is amazing, definitely not a weed! Have a good weekend.

  2. I love the colour, I love the flower, I HATE the plant!
    No matter what I do it is taking over everything in the garden and I know I have such a look of glee on my face as I attack the ground runners with my shovel!
    Have learned though that you can weave it if you get long enough pieces. Just haven't worked out what to weave yet!! xx

  3. As the next "Alberta Clipper" (seems rude to blame Canada for our weather) prepares to descend upon us it was heart warming to see your photos this morning. Thank you.

  4. You have morning glories??!!

    We have cold winds and grey skies.

    Thanks for a glimpse of the flower at the end of the tunnel.

    xo Jane

  5. I love Ipomea/Morning glory. The colour is stunning, they grow in abundance on the coast in Provence, I tried to plant one in our garden, unfortunately it could not take the climate.

  6. Your blue flowers look so cheerful! A great picture for us to start our weekend. Have a nice one yourself!

  7. Love the mauve and blue merging together here in this bloom...nice to see a cheerful flower to start my day off in a sunny way.
    Torrential rain and large puddles...a day for wearing my boots!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. I treat this as an evil interloper and try to kill it!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. hi sarah,

    here in california it is called morning glory and it is v invasive. i've seen it cover houses, fences, trees. it is pretty but v hard to tame.

    have a lovely weekend too.


  10. Sigh - yes, it's a weed. But so gorgeous, who cares? Like most things in life, 'weeds' are just a matter of definition.

  11. Oh....too bad it's a weed, because the blue flowers look stunning! Hope you have a great weekend off, Sarah!


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