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Monday, December 27, 2010

"Avalanche Pavlova" and Festive Matters

Well, I don't think I would get citizenship if one of the tests were to make an Australian Pavlova. I am afraid it got re-named "Avalanche Pavlova" instead of what it was meant to be - "Three Tier Brown Sugar Pavlova" View from the top above and side view below - well at least it had 3 tiers! And as it was covered in copious amounts of cream and berries it all seemed to go down well.

BN (Beautiful Niece) helped by advising on applying cream and fruit....

that was before she got stuck back into the wine below! (hasten to add that she is only joking here and does drink it by the glass, promise).

Now, those of you who were following the blog at the beginning of the year know that I did a little matchmaking as far as she was concerned and as her godmother I think that this was ENTIRELY in order.

I present below.... BN and LAM.... her Lovely Aussie Man.

I think they make a gorgeous couple but then again I am a little biased on these matters as A. she is my goddaughter as well as my niece and B. I introduced them.

We spent Christmas Day with them and with our friend S who kindly invited us for Christmas lunch with her family. And it was a day of mixed Nations - friend S and her mother who was also there are Canadian, there was us; the British contingent and also the Australians, the LAM and friend S's husband and son and other members of his family too...
All in all a wonderful and happy day with a huge amount of tasty food and lovely wines to drink. Perfect.

Then on to Boxing Day when we went to the :

Remember I told you that Mr SE is very keen on cricket? He bought tickets for the Ashes series on Boxing Day way, way back in JULY! Well, I could not be churlish and say 'No thanks Mr SE I would rather go to the Sales", could I? Well, could I? Actually I would not have missed it for the world - England are in TOP FORM I have to say and we had a day of great entertainment too. BN and LAM also came with us.

At one point though, disaster. Rain stopped play....

The man sitting in front of us, fashioned himself a hat from a cardboard container used to carry beer... He made us smile, all day! He informed us he was sitting in 'Milliner's Row' and asked BN and I if we would like hats too. We politely declined, we did not think they would go with our outfits!

The sun came back out and the game continued.... We were very happy with the final outcome. That was all of us except for the LAM who said it was a long, long time since he had seen Australia all bowled out for less than 100.

A great Christmas break.


  1. I love it, Semi Expat!

    The pav, the family time and I'm not really into cricket but it's always fun at the MCG. S

    Shame about the rain.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous time - I think they call that meringue arrangement an Eaton Mess! Mr TNMA is avidly following the cricket from our London flat.

  3. You both look beautiful and so does the pav. Happy Christmas xx

  4. It looks amazingly delicious and I wish you had saved a bit for me!
    The cricket was a shocker...but then I'm an Aussie!!!!

  5. hi sarah,

    it's a good thing you are better at matchmaking than pavlova making!

    what a gorgeous couple!


  6. Oh my, so your matchmaking worked out?! The couple looks charming. You too. Are the wedding bells ringing soon? Oh, and that cake looks too good to be true1

  7. I think your pav looks like it would have been super yummy! Which is all that counts really.

    Take care

  8. A lovely couple to be sure, but that matchmaker looks pretty good as well! So glad you had a happy holiday.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Your pav was nom nom nom nom nom, delish!

    I keep laughing about old 'Babsy' and his anitcs on Milliner's Row...:-)


  11. Yummy, the pavalova looks delicious. Please could you send me some over! hehe. xxxx

  12. Happy new year, Sarah! :)

    Reread my previous comment and I must have been a bit tired the night I wrote it - I spotted several typos. So here I go again:

    Even if it's an Avalanche Pavlova it looks YUMMY! One slice - a big one - of that cake, please...

    And thank you for the invitation to visit Melbourne, 30C sounds so tempting. I would have loved to escape the freezing cold winter for a while. :)


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