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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Photos re : the post before

So here is the setting for our Ark Christmas Party breakfast this morning..... So beautiful and it was a lovely Summer's day too the sun was shining even at 7.30am.

Above photograph showing all the gifts that people brought for our charity donations - ' Open Family Australia'.

View from the restuarant over the River.... All in all a very good (early) start to a lovely day.


  1. Just gorgeous...what a lovely day it looks like you had ..beautiful surroundings teamed with a cheery Christmas vibe..love it. Hope you are well lovely x

  2. What a smashing place to start the day and don't those presents look beautiful, they match the decor!! That Christmas Spirit really is alive and well xx

  3. How nice that there was sunshine for your breakfast...and there will be some very delighted recipients for those presents.

  4. sarah, is it odd to have summer and christmas together for you? coming from england it must be strange. do you like it?

    your party arrangement looks perfect.


  5. Love the idea of a Christmas breakfast party. Sounds so glam!

  6. The sun!!! A nice thing to have before Christams. It's raining once again here in Sydney.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  7. Hi Sarah

    Just getting up to speed with all that has been happening at Semi-Expat..what a busy woman you have been! Love the views, your red polish and the photo of you!! I can see you are well settled back into an Australian summer. FYI...I am sure you have heard -4C around London and lots of snow on the way. Hmm...where would I rather be??

    Best wishes Sarah to you and your hubby for a beautiful Christmas!

    Jeanne xxx


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