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Sunday, December 5, 2010

'Show and Tell'. Or, the retail therapy from the post before.

Remember I went for a visit to the city the other day? I bought this gorgeous nail polish above by 'Butter London'. Apparently it has no nasties in it - chemicals which could potentially be carcinogenic which is a bonus but I also loved the colour. It's called 'Jaffa'.

And the main purchase of the day was this pair of dark brown suede sandals. Gladiators. Yes, I know they have been around a few summers now but they seem to be here again this Summer in Australia and I have finally found a pair which are A. comfortable and B. look quite nice. Well, I think so. They are Italian made and the sole is slightly cushioned. I think that daughter and I begun the hunt for 'gladies' as she and I affectionately call them way back in August of 2008 when we visited Barcelona for a long weekend. Every chic looking Spanish girl was wearing them - we wished that we knew the Spanish for "Excuse me where did you buy your shoes?" We tried on a few pairs in many shoe shops but never quite found 'the ones'. Daughter found a pair she liked later on when she came out here to Australia that year but I never did. I always felt that they did not look quite right on me until I happened to find this pair. I wasn't looking - they found me. I promise!

So here was the outfit I made today. The new suede 'gladies' with some old friends - my orange Anya Hindmarch handbag (comes out each Summer - surely nearly a vintage piece now?!) and the lovely silk leopard print and orange scarf that darling daughter gave me as a present early on this year. The Linen pinstriped jacket I have had for years and years - it's from Zara and I reckon I should be paying IT now on a cost per wear basis it has been that useful and be worn so many times. And the linen trousers/pants which also look good cuffed up a couple of times, are from where I work - THE ARK. Oh, and the new Jaffa coloured nail polish on my toes.
Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.


  1. I'm always a sucker for bright nail polishes and bright handbags in warmer weather (not that Brisbane is warm at the moment!). Anya has the most beautiful pieces, gorgeous bag!

  2. I like the orange Anya H. bag, great shape and big enough...very summery.
    How nice for you to be enjoying warm sandal wearing weather.

    I am bundled up trying to keep warm...winter is in full swing.

  3. I love the outfit! You look so Chic! I wish I could wear orange - it just makes me look like a giant satsuma but it looks stunning on you! Hurry up summer! I'm waiting for you!!

  4. Well aren't you looking incredibly smart and up to the minute!
    Love the colour of the polish and the fact that it has no nasties.
    Don't think I will get of wellies long enough to go into sandals this year!!!!!!

  5. I came to visit your blog to follow to try and get your numbers up to 100 before Christmas (I read your comment over at SSG). I love your blog though. Gorgeous, plus we have the same kitchen benchtop...!

    Seriously great nail polish.

  6. Hi there, just called round to see how you are, and so glad I did - love your gladdies and pretty polished toes, and your whole outfit, and you look so young yet have a grown up daughter presumably you were a child bride....

  7. You look gorgeous and too young to have a child at uni. Love the polish xxxxxxxxx

  8. Love the polish and the gladies - and that Anya Hindmarch bag is fab! Back home we're wearing big socks and snow boots.

  9. A lovely outfit! But sandals and no shoes, in December! It is just so hard to think that it can be warm anywhere right now!

  10. P.S. Ouch, the hurry. I meant to write sandals and no socks. Sorry!

  11. hi sarah,

    i LOVE this photo of you. you are so beautiful and well put together. i love your sandals too. i really enjoy seeing my favorite bloggers and how they dress.


  12. Love the gladdies and orange toes! Mine are blue - with cold! xx

  13. This is a great outfit all around. And I have coveted gladiator sandals for 2 years now while erring on the side of practical. I love the layering of stripes.

  14. This is a fabulous summer look! I love that nail polish color, and your "gladdies" are spiffy. I'm glad they seem to be remaining in style.

  15. Those gladiators are hawt! Truly fab! Like you, I was on the lookout for a similar pair of shoes for two years, but never found the ones I wanted until the end of summer this year, on a summer stuff clearance sale. I got to use them twice before summer was over! But at least I have them for next summer (and at half price, too).

    And as others here have already said, you look terrific in that outfit. :)

  16. The polish and the sandals go so well together! Very summary!

    I must come check out the ark.. the trousers look so comfortable and light!

    M xx

  17. That should say summery.. not summary.. doh!

  18. Semi Expat,
    Isn't orange the best colour for this time of the year in Australia?

    I love your outfit, especially the shoes. Or should that be gladies?

    SSG xxx

  19. Hello, dear friend,

    Love the color. I can imagine it on my toes.

    You are so pretty and chic, love the look you pulled together.

    I have a proposition for you. Would you be so kind as to e-mail me so I can explain tishjett@yahoo.com?

    Merci par avance,
    xo, Tish

  20. Thanks all.. seems you liked the 'outfit post'! Maybe I will do some more over the next few weeks. And thank you for your very kind and generous comments too! x

  21. Oh, and Farmers wife - thank you - you are Number 93 - will I make it to 100 for my 'Christmas present' I wonder??! X


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