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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Meanwhile back in ENGLAND

there is more snow and photographs that I have been sent look just like Christmas cards of the best kind. This is the Christmas that we all dreamt of when we were growing up - we were not always lucky enough to get snow but it was always cold and crisp. Darling daughter has finished her first term at Durham University in England - she sent me this photograph below.

It made me smile. It is so typically 'her'....

I cannot tell you how much I miss her but I must not be selfish as this year it is her father's 'turn to have' her. Those from divorced families know this syndrome so well... However, the darling daughter is being whisked away this Christmas and New Year with her father and step family to go here ....

CUBA. Lucky girl. In fact as I type they are probably at Gatwick Airport in UK - just hope that the planes are going and that the airport is not closed or snow bound.

And I begun this post to say that for me Christmas has always been associated with Winter and feeling of coldness having been brought up in the Northern hemisphere. Darkness and twinkly lights, snow (if we were lucky) and freezing temperatures with log fires and mulled wine. Dear Janet from A GARDENERS COTTAGE asked me a while back how did I feel about Christmas in Australia ? Well, although it feels very strange at times (especially hearing carols when it is warm outside) I do embrace it and enjoy the differences and it is lovely in it's own way. Very laid back and with a party, summer atmosphere. I have even embraced it to the extent of attempting this most Australian of Christmas sweet things.... The PAVLOVA....

I am trying out the one above for Christmas Day. My meringues are in the oven now - it's called 'Three-Tier Brown Sugar Pavlova'. Will let you know how it turns out!

Hope all your preparations are going well.


  1. Hi there SE - yes you're missing out on all the snow in England, darling daughter looks like she's enjoying herself! It's thawing out today in London but apparently there's more on the way. We had a horrendous Gatwick Experience at the weekend (you can read about it on my blog) but I think things are up and running again, at least for the time being! The pavlova looks delicious (ha!) - we're not very traditional, we always have apple pie. Have a very Happy Christmas sans snow in the southern hemisphere.

    Best wishes,


  2. We are thinking about pavlova too!! But given there are just the two of us, we are opting for Not Quite Nigella's surprise pavlovas.

    Hopefully DD is well on her way to Cuba for Christmas and not snowed in at the airport.

    Thanks for your lovely message on my blog. I really appreciated it. Kitty xx

  3. I think you have got the right idea about enjoying Christmas here in Oz. It is relaxed, laid back and we don't have to worry about being snowed in! Enjoy that delicious Pavlova and have a Merry Merry Christmas!

    Best wishes always,

  4. UK daughter is going to try to get to Snowdonia for Christmas so they can have a white one! Have suggested they could just stay home in London and they will have as much snow as they like!!!
    Your pav looks very ambitious look forward to seeing the results.
    We are having plum pud and fresh fruit salad very traditional!!!!! Merry Christmas xx J

  5. The pavlova looks magnificant...can just imagine the soft crunchy egg meringues...oh and I have not even had breakfast yet!

    Wishing you and yours a lovely Holiday season.

    perhaps your daughter will cartwheel on the beaches of Cuba too!

  6. Love the pavlova Semi-Expat. It has suddenly warmed up here on The Farm and your snow pictures looked so lovely in comparison to the fairly hot and humid weather here....

    I hope you have an absolutely wonderful Christmas.

    Take good care.

  7. Hi Semi Expat.
    Your first photos is amazing, it looks picture postcard perfect, just like a scene out of a movie!
    That's fabulous your daughter is one term down to go in her studies.
    Best of luck with the meringues - looking forward to some photos.
    Have a safe and happy Christmas and very much looking forward to reading more entries in the new year!

  8. I'm just home from work and so very hungry, must you show me such deliciousness.Now I want to skip dinner and go right to dessert-your dessert.

    And I'm a little jealous that you can just skip out and but all the Australian mags that cost a small fortune here.

    Jealousy aside, if we don't talk before Christmas, have a lovely, lovely holiday.

    xo jane

  9. Merry Christmas Semi Expat!

    You and I are having similar experiences but in reverse - I'm from Sydney and moved to the UK in May. So we are gearing up for a cold Christmas with a hot lunch (including brussel sprouts - very strange). It's all very different but special too.

  10. hi sarah,

    your daughter looks like she knows how to have fun. and cuba!? how interesting, exciting.

    that pavolova looks good too.

    merry, merry christmas to you and the darling mr se.



  11. Oh wow!!! Your daughter is so lucky to get away from the cold. I've been desperately trying to talk some of my friends into going somewhere warm asap, but they all want to spend New Year's Eve here - in freezing Norway. Brrr....! One month with freezing days - not once on the plus side since the middle of November. Guess I can truly say "Wish I was there".

    That cake looks extremely yummy. Maybe I should try and make it myself?

    I wish you a wonderful Christmas, Sarah!

    Big hugs, xx

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