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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Flowers from my favourite place

I have been a very lucky Semi Expat and yesterday received a beautiful bouquet from my favourite flower delivery place in England. The Real Flower Company. For more information about them click HERE.

This one is called the 'Antique posy...' The roses are a mixture of dusky mauvey-pink ones called 'Julia Baby' and other creamy ones along with scented herbs, lavender sprigs and foliage.

A close up showing the bronze fennel, purple sage and mint in the bouquet.

Last photograph showing the unusual colour of the roses. I think the name suits it well.
And, I am sure you have guessed who they were from ! Mr SE - such a sweetheart.


  1. Lovely, can smell the herbs from here. Clearly a very loved semi expat!

  2. Wow, those are stunning!! I love the muted color of the roses and the bronze tones of the foliage. Gorgeous bouquet!!

  3. Oh gosh, so beautiful. I too can smell it from here! Here being California:).

  4. What a lovely gesture, romantic!
    The colours really work so well together, love the shade of the roses...I wonder what variety they are...

  5. A beautiful bouquet ! And a beautiful surprise from Mr SE!

  6. Hi Sarah,

    I love roses mixed with herbs. I don't know why it isn't done more. The scent is unbelievable.


    Mr SE keeps making points with me!

  7. What a gorgeous gift!

    Mr SE has another fan over here too :-)

    SSG xxx

  8. You lucky girl, they are tres belle.

    Are you enjoying being back in the UK?

    A bientot,


  9. They are such a gorgeous bunch of flowers, I wish we had a florist that made such lovely arrangements in Melbourne. Mr SE is so thoughtful - I must mention this post to my husband - which will only fall on deaf ears - it's a case of BYO these days (Buy your Own)


  10. Divine! I used to grow a rose called Julia in my old garden that looked like your Julia's baby and it was sometimes called the brown paper rose bag...but it wasn't a prolific bloomer and had lots of vicious thorns. I dream about that garden a lot. Your husband is a God with the Gifts! Haven't forgotten the ballet shoes from Chanel.

  11. Lucky you......I so love it when they mix EVERYTHING in a floral arrangement. Don't you.


  12. Special occasion? He must love you very much - what a keeper!

  13. Wow such beautiful flowers, and the colour of that rose is something else! xx

  14. Gorgeous Sarah, I take it he is back in Melbourne and missing you!!!


  15. I heart the colours! Beautiful! xxxx


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