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Monday, November 1, 2010

Roses from two gardens

Here in Melbourne there is Cup Fever.

And, as the advertisements on the billboards around the City say, it's "The Celebration that stops a nation".... The Melbourne Cup is a famous racing cup and quite a few Melburnians will be either at the racecourse or glued to the television on Tuesday (it's a Public Holiday here in the Metropolitan area of Melbourne) hoping their horse romps home first!! The rest of us use it as an excuse for a lovely long weekend (or make sure that if they have a day off it falls on the Monday) so they get the weekend and Monday and Tuesday off too.... My niece, Miss Sophie from Regally Blonde blog is off to the races 'a la corporate stylee' - no doubt she will tell us all in a post in the next few days. She has bought a beautiful dress to wear too but quite frankly my daughter (her cousin) and I have a running joke in the family that she could wear a paper bag and still look stunning!! I worked Sunday but I have today and tomorrow off and Mr SE had a holiday today too. It was lovely to spend the day together. We did a little gardening and I picked this lovely bunch of roses (photo above and below).

And the rose in the photograph below is photographed from the garden of our NEW place. We move in a couple of weeks so as well as a little gardening we have done a LOT of tidying and sorting out. Mr SE and I rent a house here in Oz so if we feel like a change or feel that our house is no longer serving our needs we can 'upsticks' and search for another. Which is just what we have done. Liberating in a way. No mortgage and in a way, no responsibilities. Suppose this is weighed up against the thought that rent could be viewed as 'empty money' or throwing it away but we do get to live in a lovely neighbourhood here in Melbourne which we would never in a million years be able to afford to buy into. For the time being the only house we own (or half own with the bank!!) is our little cottage in England.

Anyway, I am very excited about the new place... It's in the same area as where we presently live but it is a little smaller in size and a bit more quirky - also there is more outside space and two large decks. And the outlook is gorgeous too. More photographs and information when we get there.

Wishing everyone a very good week.


  1. I salute your decision! If you are not planning to live the rest of your life in Australia, renting is ok. And I know that the surrounding neighborhood is very important. Just having presented my heather, I feel like a country cousin, as you show all the beautiful roses: )!

  2. The roses are glorious, and your new one looks a stunner. Moving house becomes a habit that becomes increasingly hard to break, so be careful!
    Take it from one who knows. 32 moves later I think...and hope...I have one more in me!!!!xx

  3. Metscan - your heather is lovely!

    Julienne - tell me about it - it's too late - I have moved around LOADS in my life. I blame my parents - my father was in the Air Force so we moved every 2 years or so when I was growing up. It's in my blood!! x

  4. love your flowers!! Enjoy Melb Cup xxx

  5. Sarah...lovely roses and how lucky are you to be able to 'upsticks' when it suits. We are renting while in London and it is so nice to know that it is someone else's problem if something goes wrong :)

    I think it is one of the nice things about this stage in life, to be able to move and live the life you dream of....if only for a little while :)

    Best wishes for a wonderful week and good luck with your 'nesting'.
    I love that part about moving, making a home your own.

    Jeanne xx

  6. Oh please ! Having spent 2/3's of a glorious Sunday inside working on the world's smallest house, renting sounds fabulous! And you get to redecorate someplace new.

    Lucky you.

    xo jane

  7. hi sarah,

    i LOVE those roses!!!

    also, i think renting is such a great idea. i'm so glad my oldest did not buy his house and leased it instead. he would have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. now when the lease is up, they can move or stay and no worries. a lot of his friends bought and now are in dire trouble financially. in your case i think it's brilliant and fun!


    enjoy the races.

  8. outside deck for me to sprawl in and sunbathe in easter!!!!xxxx

  9. the roses are lovely,
    as I sit here there is torrential rain falling!
    only rose hips left...

    enjoy fixing up your new home...it's refreshing to have a new space to arrange ones belongings in...it's like having new eyes!

  10. Your new home sounds like an adventure - and what gorgeous roses, they remind me of my mum's garden.
    Have a lovely time tomorrow!

  11. Gorgeous flowers!!!! Absolutely breath-taking.


  12. Good luck with the new abode.

  13. I have only just come across your blog and love it!
    The flowers are gorgeous!

  14. Aaah thank you all and any 'newies' - welcome and thanks for your comments and dropping by - Bonnie and Stylish Shoe Girl... x

  15. Ooh, your new place sounds exciting. And it will be fun to hear about the races, too... so glamourous!
    (aka Struggler)


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