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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bear Faced Chic

I have posted about these little fellows before - see HERE.

They are the most gorgeous, soft sheepskin Australian bears - they are one dimensional hence their name - 'FLATOUT BEARS'. I already own the two in the middle of this quartet and today have bought the koala one on the right to join the other two - three will look gorgeous on the bed.

Everyone in the family back in England LOVES them too. My sister now has a golden one and I sent my father a Koala one last birthday. (And no, Mr SE, I really don't think that they are just for children and that I am old enough to have grown out of such whims!). However, I have bought them to give as gifts to several new babies over the time we have been in Australia and they are always very well received. One baby girl we gave one to when she was born will not go to sleep unless she has her Flatout bear with her each night - she is now 2 and still adores it as much as ever. Another view below of the four furry friends together before the golden one (at the bottom of the four in this line up) goes off in a padded envelope to England. My mother wants to give this one to her sister, my Aunt, for Christmas and has asked me to buy one and send it to her.

I am sure she will love him. He has a particularly endearing little face - I had to inspect them all to pick out the cutest one.
Spreading the FLATOUT BEAR love......


  1. They are just beautiful and so soft to cuddle. In my brief incarnation as a shop owner I sold these and could never keep enough in the place, as soon as a shipment arrived they would be gone so I agree every one should have one!!!!
    Plane has not landed yet... excitement getting intense!!!

  2. Yes, agreed - when I see them I am instantly drawn to them in shops and they go so fast!
    I am so excited and happy for you Julienne - enjoy every precious minute. x

  3. Aren't they adorable! That's a fabulous present-idea for a number of my friends having children soon - thanks, you're a lifesaver! x

  4. I love Flat Out Bears! So cute! They are great baby gifts - or great gifts for anyone for that matter!

  5. They are so cute!

    I agree, they are a gift for anyone at any age.

    SSG xxx

  6. Sarah, these are great. I am coming to Sydney in December and would love to bring them back to the kids for Christmas. Are they widely available?

    Love the new look by the way...reminds me of all that Australian sunshine you must be enjoying right now!

    Jeanne xx

  7. What great easy to post gifts. I must look out for them. Thanks for sharing. X

  8. Agree that they make fabulous gifts...
    Jeanne yes, there are several stockists in Sydney (and how exciting you are coming to these shores - for how long?) check out www.flatout.com.au. There are two sizes - these babies above (which I think are probably cuter) and larger ones too. I do know that 'Purely Merino' in Melbourne and Sydney airports stock the larger ones but not the smaller - you really need to see both sizes though and ALL the colours too.!
    S x

  9. These are adorable...and you are never too old to have your own bear!

  10. I love these! mum gave one to my niece and Princess Mary has them too! xxxxx

  11. all of my four children have a 'flatbear' as we call it, they love them. x


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