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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Poppy Day (in more ways than one)

11th November - a special day of remembering....

I wore my Poppy to work today (see above photograph). It seems that not as many people wear them here in Australia at this time of year as they do in England but I do think it's important to stop and think sometimes about all those that have died in wars in years gone by and never forget the sacrifices made. Also of course about those who are are apart from their families fighting in countries far away. And especially about all those who have lost loved ones over the years through war.

As I said in the title of the post this is also for me a Poppy Day in more ways than one. My darling daughter, Poppy is 20 today. This is the first time I have not seen her on her birthday and I must admit to feeling more than a little sad as I sit here and type this.

Happy Birthday sweetheart.


  1. What a beautiful post, Semi Expat.

    Happy Birthday to Poppy.

    Thank you for wearing your poppy today. I was unable to find a place to buy one on the way to work today but I did observe the silence at 11am

    Take care

    SSG xxx

  2. Yes, beautiful post SE. There's been a bit of a fuss over here about newsreaders wearing poppies too soon, celebs wearing sparkly versions, the amount of poppy merchandise available etc - but I think it's important not to forget what Remembrance Day is for and why we wear poppies in the first place.

  3. Happy birthday Poppy.

    Like SSG, I struggled to find a poppy seller but silence was observed. It's important to remember.

  4. Oh Sarah, I know that feeling. Best wishes for Poppy's on her 20th. I hope you can manage an extra long Skype chat today ;)

    I counted five poppies in our house today for Remembrance Day. My 10 year old can now tell you which shops are selling them. He has been on poppy alert for some time.

    Loved this post :)

    Jeanne xx

    PS...your poppy is much nicer than we can buy here :)

  5. Once upon a time there was a poppy seller on every corner in Sydney and EVERYBODY you passed was wearing one....not any more...so sad that these important days are beginning to fade.
    You are right we MUST always remember.
    I hope Poppy had a wonderful birthday and that you got in a long chat. xx

  6. Hello thank you for the lovely messages.. and thank heaven for skype...! Just spent a lovely hour talking to my Poppy whilst she undid presents and cards - the next best thing to being there!
    And agree, TNMA that some people in UK (espec. celebs) do start wearing their poppy far too much in advance of 11th Nov. (and for ages afterwards) and that somehow dilutes the whole thing. x

  7. Dear Expat,Happy Birthday to you daughter wishing her lots of fun.
    Thank you for blogging about 'Poppy Day' It is a very sad today for me even after all these years.
    My father was a Pilot Officer with the RAF he was killed with his crew all 7 of them are buried in Holland...one of his crew was a young Australian,1 Irish & the rest British.
    In Deal,Kent there is a war memorial which has a very poignant....
    "For our today they gave their tomorrow"

  8. It is a day to remember...and honour.

    I watched a program on TV last evening about the men of the RAF who flew Mosquito aircraft and the dangerous missions that they flew...

    At the local cenataph there will be a service with pipe and drum band from the Royal Canadian Scottish...as well as a parade and the official laying of the wreaths...

    ida said it best "For our today they gave their tomorrow"

  9. Happy birthday Poppy. You're so right SE that quote says it best.

  10. I was so touched when I read your post. Everyone in the States used to wear a paper poppy in their buttonhole when i was growing up.

    Now it's all Veteran's Day sales.

    Thanks for remembering and Happy birthday to your very own Poppy.

    xo Jane

  11. I'm in Jersey and everyone is wearing poppies here and they were in London too- I love it. Happy Birthday to Poppy too. It is so cold and wet here -keep thinking of the soldiers in the trenches and wondering how they coped. Stark contrat to the student riots in London yesterday (disgraceful) xxxxxxxxx

  12. The Poppy tradition is unknown here. A very nice tradition. Your poppy is so cute : )

  13. Happy Birthday from Poppy's birthday twin! I hope she has a brilliant year.

    Best wishes,


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