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Friday, November 26, 2010

Friends Of Mine

is the name of a new cafe opened up near us in Melbourne. I think it is a pretty good name and the place was busy, busy, busy when Mr SE and I stopped by there a few weekends ago for breakfast. The photograph below was taken after we had finished and were walking away - just look at the crowds milling around outside queuing up to get a table....! (Glad we got there early) This is the menu. Well, the menu is written on the other side. This is what you look down and see at your place when you sit at the table... quite a nice thing to read anytime, even if you don't feel it!

Above shows a photograph of the general feel of the place - quite dark, sort of industrial chic meets French salon. And it works...

Above - our table with a little lamp on it too. Cute.

My tea (on a board - what would my MIL say ? She does not like food or drink served on boards!)

Quirky touch above.

My delicious breakfast - Bircher muesli layered with vanilla scented rhubarb and yoghurt. Perfection in a glass.

Mr SE had poached eggs and bacon. He was impatient to get stuck in!

Love this arrangement for the glasses.
For more information on this great place look here : http://www.friendsofmine.com.au/
And that brings me very neatly to another 'Friend of Mine' - but not the restaurant. Friend C sent me this photograph below. Update on the dining table!! The boards have been fixed together and lightly sanded so far. The wine bottle in the middle of the table is to give the scale!! And it is sitting on two wood working trestles. Coming along nicely! And it is going to be a little bigger than originally planned.

Will keep you updated as it takes shape.
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.


  1. Looks like a nice little nook to start the day off with a gorgeous breakfast....had to laugh about the board..but I kinda like the milk in the little glass bottle. Dining table is coming along nicely...look forward to seeing the finished product :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend sweety x

  2. That cafe looks delightful. And I think your table is going to be stunning.

  3. Well now I know your table will be finished before mine even gets to the drawing board!!!!!!
    Looking good. xx

  4. I love brunch - and that cafe looks just the place.

    Your table is going to be fabulous, and unique which really floats my boat!

    BTW I just saw your Gifford Circus post - Nell is my second cousin and to my great shame I have never seen her circus, so you have reminded me to sort that for next summer. They are an incredible and super-talented family, we feel very boring in comparison!xx

  5. hi sarah,

    oh i love the use of old brick and chandeliers. i would love to eat there. and your table looks to be fantastic too. cannot wait to see it finished. have a wonderful weekend and i hope you two are feeling all cozy in your new digs.


  6. Ooh that does look like a hip and happening place to eat...
    those shoe forms look pretty quirky against the brick wall and
    your table is taking shape nicely!

    It will be fun to show it all dressed up for dinner!

  7. That place looks awesome Ma. Cannot wait to go there with you. xxx

  8. Love the look of this place! I adore finding new locations to have really good breakfast!

  9. I love, love, love your table! In fact, I just bought a console for my hallway that is made to look old and weatherbeaten (couldn't find a genuine old one in the right size, so had to compromise). I want a dinining table too - just like yours! Obviously, I have to make friends with some really handy with a hammer.:)


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