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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Beautiful books - great Christmas gifts

Thought I would let you know about two of the many gorgeous books that are stocked in the shop (Peony) where I am helping out during the festive run up..... The first one (photograph above) arrived yesterday and it was lovely unpacking the pristine copies (which we then wrap individually in cellophane) so you receive an 'untouched by others' copy when you purchase at Peony - another lovely touch and all part of the service !

This gorgeous book features unique and timeless French-inspired interiors created by those who have a lifelong love affair with French style. In "Essentially French", antiques dealer and stylist Josephine Ryan offers a glimpse into the homes of antique dealers who have a passion for French style. The homes featured include farmhouses, townhouses and apartments, and their decorative styles may differ, but all have something in common - showing the beauty of traditional French furniture and accessories, and demonstrating the understated elegance of French life. I had a quick peek through (the 'demonstrating' copy only!) and noted several dealers that show their houses and I know that my dear antique guys - who live in France and trade as FONTAINE have supplied some of these people - to see more of Stuart and Kiel's beautiful antiques scroll down to my post of November 17th if you would like to .....

The second book is this beautiful one above...."Flowers for the Home " (Grayson Handy) presents over 100 simple and stylish floral arrangements for both everyday and special occasions. Floral designs are shown from all over the world inspired by different cultures and traditions including as far away as China, the tropical rain forest, to the English countryside, and the American South. Basic design principles are discussed from colour palettes to materials, and step-by-step instructions and tips for assembling many of these displays are shown. The book’ is full of stunning photography too - just beautiful.

Either of these books would make a wonderful gift I think!


  1. ooh those books look beautiful, since I started blogging I have come across so many wonderful books on interiors that our bookcases are now overflowing but there really is nothing better than receiving a beautifully wrapped brand new book. I have just enjoyed reading some more of your posts and see you like to travel a lot lol, you sound just like us (back and forth, with children the other side of the world). I am now a follower of yours, speak soon, Kathy.

  2. Welcome aboard Kathy - thank you,lovely to have you in the band of followers! Yes, I read some of your posts too today and see that we have quite a few similarities in our lives! Know just what you mean too about Interiors Books - I just cannot resist them! x

  3. Both books are gorgeous and would make a great Christmas gift. I adore the chair on the cover of the second book - fabulous.

    Leeann x

  4. Hi Sarah - gorgeous books & very handy working in a lovely shop when there's Christmas shopping to be done! Hope you're not too frazzled by all the indecisive shoppers (like me!) & surviving the Christmas rush..I'm summoning up the courage to take a foray into Bath later...am sure I will regret it! Take care, love Susie x

  5. I'd be thrilled to bits with either of these!

  6. Leeann - yes, isn't it a great chair - love it!
    Susie - yes, we have had quite a few indecisive shoppers or those who as you are wrapping decide they would like a different product!! Hope you survived Bath...
    Struggler - yes, I would be too - think the first one just tips the scale though for me and this will go on the Pere Noel list along with French Essence.


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