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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Couple of lovely places in Brisbane

Just returned from a very hot and sultry Brisbane (up there for only 24hours) to a much cooler and more pleasant feeling Melbourne... Whilst there I took some photographs to share with you of a couple of lovely places we found .... The first one welcomed me in immediately with the notice board above - just loved the name and the inside did not disappoint either...

Here above is the gate smothered in this beautiful climbing greenery with white flowers - stunning..

Leading to the courtyard - all manner of pretty urns and pots and plants... And a simple but striking fountain.

Thought these ivies looked wonderful growing around the circles and I bought one of the iron Christmas trees you can just see (well half of it) in the pot on the right.

Another general shot of the courtyard above and inside the shop had more gorgeous goodies too. All very tempting.

And then finally had to share this very Australian colourful shop window with you. This is a shop by the name of Spiro and Black not far from the one above and this belongs to a fellow blogger too (although on a far larger scale than my blog!) - Anna. Such a lovely shop and a beautiful blog too... http://www.absolutelybeautifulthings.blogspot.com/

Hope you are all enjoying your weekends and they are both Merry and Bright too!


  1. I hope you had a lovely day here in Brisbane. Isn't the weather hideous! It looks like you went to some of my favorite places. Hopefully next time you come here I can take you to some great places too.

    Sad times here today...my sister flies out tonight with her family to spend a year in England. They are starting a blog too-I will follow Poppy's blog and I will let you know when my sister gets hers going.

    Hope you are well and not missing Poppy too much.

    Best wishes, Natasha.

  2. Natasaha thank you - had great day but as you say, extremely HOT... would love to meet up next time.
    Will be good to read your sister's blog it must have been very sad saying goodbye...
    Poppy's first impression of life in the French skiing resort is good - only parties so far !! Work starts next week - hope she remembers to update her blog!

  3. You certainly uncovered a couple of lovely places. DIG looks great, and I guess I need to go and have a nose at Absolutely Beautiful Things now too!


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