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Monday, December 14, 2009

Donna's new handbag

I have a dear friend who has for most of her life (well, since I have known her since we were both 14 years old) yearned for, wished for and dreamt about owning a Chanel classic 2.55 handbag....

Yes, you may think, her and most of the women in the world too but Donna has really, really wanted one with all of her being and has held on to her 'vision' throughout all the years she was bringing up her son as a single mother and getting by one way or another but I have to add, also being more than happy with her life.... She totally appreciated anything I could give her during the 80's and early 90's when we were both living in London when she had very little and I was fortunate enough to have more than enough, married at that time to DDD's father.......
This was her dream and she always said that one day she would own one... The year before last, on her 50th birthday many of us gave her Chanel gift vouchers (yes, I was surprised but they actually do offer them!) and she was also lucky enough to receive quite a bit of birthday money and so we thought - at last the dream is about to come true! Unfortunately she had to spend the birthday money on something else, for someone else (her mother) and so the bag was not to be then...

So when I got her text this morning when I woke up to say that she was the proud owner of a 2.55 black Chanel classic bag and that she had not stopped crying the whole day with happiness I also shed more than one tear too.... No one deserves to have a dream like that come true more than Donna....... I immediately telephoned her in UK and we both squealed down the telephone with delight and she told me the story about her day in Chanel (Brompton Road branch in London) - the saleslady could not have been nicer and when Donna actually realised that the bag was going home with her and that it was going to be hers she started crying in the shop and so did the saleslady too!!

HAPPY NEW BAG DONNA - I am absolutely over the moon for you!


  1. Great story - how nice that the sales lady realised what a special moment was occurring!

  2. I had to wipe a tear to, congrats to Donna, I hope she thoroughly enjoys her new bag. You have a great blog here, Kathy

  3. Struggler, yes, quite agree (and I have to admit she had been to another branch of Chanel (Bond Street?) to "look" where the staff were rather 'sniffy') - so that is why picked Brompton Road branch instead...

    Kathy - thank you - I am sure she will LOVE it so much... Thanks too for dropping by and your kind comments - welcome.


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