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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Surfing (but not USA!)

From the coast of Australia !!- Phillip Island to be exact....

We had a great day today - it was boiling hot and we watched Beautiful Niece have a surfing lesson - she did well with a group of around 25 and some rather 'hunky' and pleasant Aussie instructors (did she concentrate hard enough I wonder though - did it matter?!) Photographs above show - first photo - THE instructor, second one - getting there and third photo - 'She's Up!!'
And later on I went in for a refreshing dip in the ocean - just a great way to cool off in these days between Christmas and New Year here in the Southern Hemisphere.... - I could get very used to this!


  1. Hi Sarah - definitely more appealing than huddling round the fire I think! (Actually, you know what, if I was in Sydney I would be complaining about the heat!!!! It's called 'Grass is Greener Sydrome' and I obviously have a bad case!!!) I'm discovering that the trick is to look inside yourself for pleasure and joy - the surroundings are a bonus & if you're in the mood for surfing and dipping & happen to be in Aus at the time, so much the better! Love Susie x

  2. It looks as though she did great! And yes, that instructor is quite hunky.

    I notice that everyone's in wetsuits, which must mean that your ocean temperatures are as cool as what we have here in CA.

  3. She did really great. I have absolutely no inclination to try surfing (all that paddling back out each time, no thanks) but with an instructor like that, I'd be happy to offer support from the beach!

  4. Susie - yes, I know about the grass is greener syndrome too - don't worry ! Am concentrating on enjoying the uniqueness of life down under over festive period!

    Deja (or, as I like to call you "Une" - hope that's ok!) welcome to the blog and thank you for your first comment - so great to have you 'aboard'!! Yes, ocean was a little chilly but very refreshing when I swam later in the day especially as it was over 90 degrees outside...

    Struggler - I was a little tempted I have to say maybe one day... but yes, instructor was very easy on the eye (and of course had to zoom in for some pics - purely for my niece you understand!)


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