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Monday, December 7, 2009

The Full Circle (and a Feather one!)

Yesterday, (Sunday) I had the pleasure of being back at Peony, to help out again........ As some of you may know I began this blog back in August when I looked after this lovely business when the owner was away in Europe - hence the title of this post - Full Circle.....
Anyway, from now on Peony is going to be open every day till Christmas and for those of you who would like to have a look at the website of this beautiful boutique perfumery the link is http://www.peonymelbourne.com.au/ I promise you will NOT be disappointed. I took a few photographs whilst I was there - above is the feather circle / wreath - such a lovely taupe colour and so unusual - they've been selling well, nearly all gone now!

A general shot above of the tables in the middle of the shop- don't you just love the giant cloche with the huge Cire Trudon candle? And the poinsettias look particularly festive in their silvery huge buckets.

Diptyque's Christmas edition candles - they come in Benzoin (which is a kind of myrrh/ frankincense fragrance) - left, Marron (a toasted chestnuts smell) middle candle and on the right an Evergreen Pine fragrance... Just beautiful (and Peony carry the whole range of Diptyque candles too)

Above, Miller Harris fragrances and lotions too - from perfumer Lynn Harris of London - very popular especially the Citron Citron - so fresh ... we also sell Miller Harris fragrant candles too at Peony....

Above a little French corner - no doubt readers of her wonderful blog will recognise Vicki Archer's fantastic new book on the left - selling like hotcakes! (Its on my Christmas list for a definite!) ......

The last white peacock left in the shop and he is reserved for a customer to pick up this week... cute!

And how about this wrapping paper? Black and white 'Old map of Paris Paper' tied with black or red ribbon - all part of the service at Peony...

Finally, this is what I wore to work yesterday (hmmm, looks as though I need to apply a little more sun stuff moisture lotion on my legs - looking a little pale and serious too - don't know why the latter!) When I first began the blog I did 'catalogue' what I wore to work each day and did not know whether I would do it again but.... Mr SE was around and he took these two photographs so I thought I would include them! OK... so.... am wearing - plain white T. Shirt by Bonds of Australia, with cashmere asymmetric front cardigan (3/4 length sleeves) from Marilyn Moore (UK make), Dainy Sawatzky linen black 'paper lantern skirt' - Australian designer (this was the skirt my mother-in-law was so rude about if you remember, earlier followers, - see post dated September 6th for those of you who did not see first time round - think you can just scroll down!!) and finally new flat slingback shoes from Kate Spade bought in LA last week and greatly reduced in Sales!

And bargain brooch - cost next to nothing (one pound fifty pence!) from Primark (a.k.a by DDD and I as Primarche!) ( UK shop).
I have today off but will be back in the shop Tuesday..... Can't wait!


  1. I would probably spend a fortune in here, if nothing else, to get some of that wonderful wrapping paper to take home! I love the feather wreath, too.

  2. Wow, what an amazing store. Those candles sound delicious! I am going to have to try to find one ASAP!

    I am going to have to go back and check those previous posts you refer to now...You look smashing so I am curious about the skirt comments!

    Hope you have a wonderful week and I love the shoes!

    Best wishes, Natasha.

  3. You are so beautiful. Your pictures make the shop look divine. I'd like to work in there over the holidays.

    I have Diptyque candles all over the house. Have for years. I know everyone is hooked on Fig, but I love Oranger.

    Thank you for all your visits. I so love hearing from you.


  4. Struggler - I have to be careful or I would spend the money I made and that paper - I love it too - wonder if I can buy some sheets of it?

    Natasha - thank you for your comments - I know Peony do a mail order (via courier) service if you were interested in a candle ! :-)

    Tish - You are a sweetheart - how kind of you ! Yes, I love fresh / green fragrances and am very fond of the Oranger too. Also loved Lierre which they stopped making sadly in a candle but still do in the Eau De Toilette happily...

  5. I want to come and visit gorgeous you at that absolutely lovely store. I feel sure I could spend a lot of money in your store. And, I am still kicking myself that I missed your L.A. visit!
    p.s. You have inspired a purchase of a Dyptique Christmas candle.

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