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Monday, December 21, 2009

Divine Decoration in a Deli

How about this for a chandelier- talk about larger than life !

This one is in a Deli/Cafe near Mr SE's new offices in Melbourne... and apparently they do a mean coffee ... On Friday nights they transform into a bar as well....

I thought it was quite stunning (although did not get a chance to try their coffee - they had just closed - hence the photograph through the window - apologies for the reflections )


  1. now THAT'S a chandelier!!!!!! think how grand their coffee cups must be?

  2. Ooh, you have to get back there and try their coffee, cakes, sandwiches, whatevers! I have great faith that someone who picks such a stunning chandelier will also take gastro-matters seriously.
    Wishing you very Merry Christmas.

  3. Wow the chandelier is amazing - wouldn't even fit inside my local coffee shop!

  4. It's so beautiful and I can see why it caught your eye!

  5. Janean (welcome to the blog thanks for stopping by) will definintely check out the cups!
    Struggler - yes, will go back (purely for research of course) and try out all goodies and report back!
    TNMA - similarly,thank you for stopping by and welcome - yes,isn't chandelier amazing - don't think it would fit in my 'local' coffee place in UK though either!
    B.Madame - So beautiful isn't it and looks quite French - would fit well on your blog n'est-ce pas?!!

  6. Wow how decadent, I bet their coffee is as impressive, let us know. Happy Christmas to you and your family, Kathy.

  7. Wow the chandelier is stunning..


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