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Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Flowers

Well, to be techincally correct it is acutally a tree but the flowers of the Jacaranda tree are so beautiful with their amazing blue lilac colour and apparently it has been a very good year for them this Summer... well if this one is anything to go by I totally agree... Took this photograph a week or so ago I thought it looked gorgeous.....

Happy Friday to all - no doubt it will be a busy one and the weekend too!


  1. Wow, amazing colour, especially against the sky!

  2. Hi Sarah - every time I see a jacaranda it reminds me of the early days in Australia when my daughter was at primary school and they sang an Australian Christmas rhyme which went something like 'When the bloom on the jacaranda tree is here, Christmas time is near'. I would have given anything not to be admiring those blue blooms but holed up in cold old England.....!! But....don't feel too homesick, this morning we had to scrape ice off the INSIDE of the bedroom window! It is truly freezing & it must be cold because even the LAB is saying he's feeling a bit chilly!!!!
    You can watch this space to get your 'fix' of frost without the pain!! Love Susie x

  3. Yes, its such a lovely colour isn't it Struggler.... x

    Susie - ok - mmmm well, yes you are probably right ICE on the inside of the house cannot have been much fun! You'll need lots of warm layers for GG next week and the heating on 'high' won't you?! x


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