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Friday, December 4, 2009

Summer Blues - Friday Flowers

These beautiful blue Agapanthus flowers never cease to amaze me here in Australia - they almost seem to grow 'wild' in most streets along the grassy verges or in front of houses..... Coming from UK where we 'coaxed' and 'cajoled' them in anyway possible to bloom in our Summer gardens they seem a miracle in their abundance. Today these caught my eye looking fresh and co-ordinating so well with the blue of the picket fence behind them.

Just had to get in closer for a better shot!

Happy Friday to all whatever you are doing or wherever you are.......


  1. Just got your comment and message! I haven't actually organised an email address for my blog yet...I really should I know. I have been getting by moderating comments (I don't publish private chats etc) but I really should get an email address shouldn't I!! I am onto it this weekend.

    Love these agapanthus too. We have them in our backyard as a border.

    Speak to you soon, Natasha.

  2. OK, I just learnt something! We have lots of those in our neighbourhood (although not in bloom at the moment) and I didn't know what they were called.
    A-ga-pan-thus.... ok, trying to commit that to memory!

  3. Hi Sarah - another 'thing to miss'!!!! We had verges in Wahroonga about 5 ft deep filled with these - absolutely glorious! Enjoy them!! Have a great weekend whatever you are doing! It's freeeeeezzzzing here.....(and raining again!!!) Love Susie x

  4. Thank you so much for that incredibly gorgeous message you left on my blog. You are a dear! I am so sorry I didn't know you were in L.A. I would have loved to take you to lunch and we could have shopped. Next time. Yes?

    The Agapanthus flowers grow in L.A. too. I never knew what they were called before today. Thank you for educating me.

    Happy weekend!xoxo

  5. Natasha - ah so people do have them in their back gardens too in Oz - good!

    Struggler - was worried in case I got the name wrong and had to double check but yup, tis correct... thought I might have been misleading you all at one point - great name though isn't?

    Susie - 5ft verges full must have looked beautiful - they also seem to bloom for ages too? So pretty...

    LBR - thank you for visiting blog and for your comments and yes, hopefully will be in LA next year again and if so will be in touch - thanks!

  6. Agapanthas make me immediately feel homesick for Oz although they are very much a favourite in southern France. When they flower here in summer I think of Christmas in Australia and the abundance of them. Have a lovely weekend, xv.


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