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Monday, December 28, 2009

Presents of all types

Do hope that everyone had at least some of their hearts' desires fulfilled over Christmas with gorgeous goodies in their Christmas stockings! I felt very spoilt and had some lovely presents (maybe we should all do a 'show and tell' post of our favourite gifts later on this week and why we loved them so much?)

Anyway, a human gift arrived last night from UK to stay with us for a while in the form of my beautiful niece and godaughter...... She has taken a few months sabbatical from her teaching job and is here in Australia till April, staying with us a while and visiting New Zealand too. So lovely to have her with us. Photos above show the Cathy Pacific plane bringing its precious cargo and BN scanning the crowd for us!


  1. Hi Sarah - hope you had a wonderful Christmas & are enjoying your niece's visit...thanks for your lovely Christmas msg - have been a bit behind schedule with replying since my GG's arrival! We have been loving having her home...the only downside is that she now has a boyfriend and spends most of her waking moments skyping with him so we don't actually get to see much of her!! Hoping to come over either when she leaves to return to Sydney or soon after...maybe will get to catch up with you in Melb? Love Susie x

  2. Human pressies are the best! Hope you have a wonderful time with your niece.


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