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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Very Special Bears - the 'FLATOUT' Bear

I am in LOVE with these gorgeous and extrememly soft 'one dimensional' - i.e. FLAT, sheepskin Australian bears... They come in several colours including of course the iconic Koala bear and in two sizes... They are as soft as swansdown and the photos do not really do them justice they are just so lovely. We have given them as gifts to new babies and to adults (who love them) - I am secretly hoping that 'Santa Mr SE' may get the hint and bring me one this Christmas!! The following information is taken from the official 'Flatout Bear' website http://www.flatout.com.au/ (And don't you just love the sound of the colours listed below: milk, honey, latte, licorice, chocolate, koala grey and rosie... The colour of the one above is latte, by the way)

Soft, cuddly and flat, the FLATOUTbear is made of 100% pure Australian sheepskin shaped like a teddy bear. They are just gorgeous. They're natural, plush and luxurious - perfect for babies, kids, grannies... What can we say, everyone loves FLATOUTbears.It is no wonder the FLATOUTbear has a star studded fan base including Princess Mary of Denmark, Brooke Shields and Hugh Jackman. Sarah Jessica Parker termed the FLATOUTbear "charming and adorable", Tom Cruise had it on his baby wish-list, Jennifer Garner "loves it". The FLATOUTbear is now seen around the world.If you have a FLATOUTbear already, read no further because you know how fabulous they are:
Hand made from 100% Australian sheepskin
30cm x 25cm or 12" x 10" (this may vary slightly as each bear is hand cut)
5cm or 2" flat
Easy care - warm hand wash and dry in shade
Baby Safe Eyes and Nose - meets Australian and International toy safety Standards.
Colours available - milk, honey, latte, licorice, chocolate, koala grey and rosie.
A "please phone home" stitched in label with room for your phone number. FLATOUTbear is a unique product used as a baby's toy and comforter. Saying that, we know lots of adults that won't leave home without one! The ultimate luxury teddy bear. We believe every child deserves a FLATOUTbear.

Ed Note: And, I think every Semi Expat does too!! Now, which do I love the most?


  1. Sarah - I wish I had known about these before I paid a visit to build-a-bear last week! This is perfect for new baby Lola - maybe I can get Tasha to bring one over with her when she comes and find another home for the build-a-bear! xx

  2. Hypothetically speaking, if one is used to a 35-year-old 3-dimensional bear in bed each night to keep the drafts out, how would one know that a flatout bear would be quite as effective? I'm a bit worried about its draft-fighting abilities.
    Hypothetically, you understand.

  3. Susie - I don't think you would regret - they are so cute! There are 2 sizes and I am sure Tasha could find stockists in Sydney... xx

    Stuggler - hypothetically speaking (of course) the 3 dimensional one could go behind your neck and ONLY hypothetically, the FLATOUT Bear could be a pillow?!


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