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Thursday, December 10, 2009

White Christmas

Today my Dearest, Darling, Daughter, Poppy leaves UK and goes to France to begin a sojourn as a Chalet Assistant (known in my day as a 'Chalet Girl' - apparently totally un-pc to use this term now though!)

This is part of her 'Gap Year' before University next September and she is there until April next year - I know that she has mixed emotions about going - she is first and foremost very excited and looking forward to it all but also obviously apprehensive about embarking off into the unknown to experience a new way of life and a job she has not done before, not to mention leaving friends and family behind. I am so proud of her especially as it means Christmas out there too.

All I do know is that she will be guaranteed (well 99% certain of) a white Christmas at Chalet Boomerang in Les Gets.... (photo of the Chalet above) .... From what I can gather though the company seems very 'jolly' and I think there is definitely an Australian theme going on (sort of a clue in the name I would imagine!) and so therefore I think she will be in for a great time too..... Bonne Chance my love....

She has promised to do a blog also whilst there - but so far (despite cajoling from me!) there has only been one post - see my page on the right - 'My Time in France as A Chalet Girl'..... - this was the getting ready part - hopefully will be updated more regularly when she arrives!!


  1. Best of luck to Poppy, I hope she meets many wonderful people and has a great time.
    I spent one Christmas in Switzerland (not skiing) and the scenery was magical. A walk in the snow on Christmas morning was a real treat.

  2. You will visit of course?

    Oh how I miss snow. I love snow. IF we get any here it's too late, after Christmas and who cares? I mean you can't sky outside Paris.


  3. Struggler - Thank you and I also wanted to let you know that she has got into DURHAM University too - she is over the moon and I am naturally v.proud too!

    Tish - yes, snow lovely snow!! Never know you may get snow at Christmas if USA is hit with cold weather and snow it usually comes to Europe 2 weeks or so later.. (well that was my theory!) Yes, do hope to go out to France to see her but prob. not till the very end of her stay - seems so far away :-( xx


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