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Thursday, December 3, 2009

From Late Spring to Autumn and back Again (all within a week)

Well, we are back again in Melbourne after a week of seeing beautiful Fall in California like the photograph above and now we have scenes more like the one below....
We had such a fantastic time in Los Angeles - it seemed as if it was only yesterday that my friend and I had seen each other but in reality it was over 25 years... We had loads to catch up on and did not stop talking the whole time .... Mr SE and I were totally spoilt and enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and truly I am so very, very thankful that have seen her again - and hopefully it won't be long before she comes to Australia !! Now we have an Australian Christmas to look forward to and this will mean Summer Days, being outside, barbeques, floaty dresses, beaches and a whole different mindset.... So, rather than for example these - egg nog drinks .....

it will be Summery pink champagne ......

Well, that is something I can easily adapt to !!
In fact, I am enjoying a glass as I type this as a pick-me-up, well that's my excuse, (well it is 7.35pm here!) - got to get back into the spirit of things after all!!


  1. Have a glass for me too!

    Cheers, Natasha.

  2. There are certainly tougher ways to spend Christmas!!


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