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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Adorable free sample

I have been meaning to check out the new Chanel Rouge Coco lippie since I read about it on Deja Pseu's lovely blog Une Femme D'un Certain Age a while back and so remembered to do this whilst I was in 'Pulse' pharmacy today in Camberwell, Melbourne where the sales associate for Chanel is always such a sweetheart - helpful, never pushy and thoroughly pleasant. This is why I always go to her if I am interested in any Chanel makeup rather than go to the city or the large department stores of DJ's or Myers.

Anyway, to get back to the matter of the lovely hydrating lip creme...... It's gorgeous!! Felt so soft and moisturising and the colour pigmentation is great. I tried both Mademoiselle (05)and Venise (26) - could not quite make up my mind and so the delightful, helpful Chanel lady gave me a cute little folder with BOTH these colours,- in quite generous samples and a little brush too..... So lovely.

Apparently the names of the lipstick colours have been chosen to correspond to a part of Coco Chanel's life.....For example there is aforementioned Madamoiselle (a soft pink), Camelia (a deep rose) and Paris (a bright red). Rather nice really.

Photo above shows another shot of the inside of the free sample card with the lipsticks in little plastic 'bubbles' on the right. In the line up I have (at the top) Egerie (not sure what this means/is ?!) then the Madamoiselle (apparently this is the colour that Vanessa Paradis wears for the promotional video) then next is Cambon and the last one is Venise.

(and then sssssshhhh, don't tell anyone but the v.nice Chanel lady told me that Pulse Pharmacy are having a 20% off store wide special sale next week - think it is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - I will be returning on Tuesday morning.... any readers in Melbourne you have been TOLD - but just don't say that the nice Chanel lady told you, will you?!)


  1. My favourite lipstick is Coco pink by Chanel but you can only source it in the USA Dammit. Hope you are better. I have tonsilitis and a fever. Could be good for weight loss.xx

  2. Oh la la...I love when shopping and you get little freebie goodies..so much fun :)

  3. Lovely colour, and there's a Camberwell in Melbourne! I live in Camberwell, London.

  4. FF - I am recovered thank you -so sorry to hear you are unwell and with a fever - miserable. If I or Mr SE go to USA we will get you some Coco pink by Chanel, promise. x

    Anna - yes, makes it so much fun to get a freebie and when I had NOT made a purchase (But I will!) x

  5. TNMA - yes, Camberwell is our local place for shops etc.. we actually lived in Camberwell until last year have now moved a couple of miles away. So many English place names here around the area... Kew, Richmond, Canterbury, Blackburn, Sandringham!! Funny really! Lovely to live in Camberwell in London though. x

  6. Sarah, time to tweek the pencil again, you have won the 5-Diamond Award :)

  7. Wonderful to have samples - lipsticks can be impossibly hard to choose from a 'back of the hand' test... I've wasted a lot of money on shades that were horrible once on.

  8. Jeanne - you are so sweet - thank you for this award - very kind of you - I will be over to collect! x

    Struggler - yes, isn't it nice ... think there are samples usually but often not given out or they all go very quickly... x


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