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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dinner for one

Mr SE flew off late this afternoon to Brisbane as he has meetings etc. there all day tomorrow and dear niece is off gadding about with GAG (gorgeous Aussie guy) so I threw together what I had in the fridge to make un petit supper as I was dining alone this evening.......

A stuffed mushroom on a bed of "young" leaves (don't you love it when they say that in restaurants.. well, they are hardly going to be old, going off mouldy leaves are they!!??)
I think Shirley Conran (first wife of Sir Terence C) once said that life was too short to stuff a mushroom but I would imagine she meant little fiddly ones not large field type mushrooms like this one was but if she meant all mushrooms then I am afraid that I disagree with her!! Anyway..... my recipe.
Well, first of all I put the oven on hottish.. Then I removed the stalk from the middle of the mushroom, chopped that up and fried it in a mixture of a little olive oil and butter along with a chopped spring onion (scallions in some circles I think), also added half a clove of garlic and some red chilli.... Then I added some brown bread crumbs and stirred it all around for a few minutes... Took it off the heat and added a tablespoon or so of grated cheddar cheese and seasoning and when it was a little cooler a small beaten egg. I then placed the mixture into the mushroom, and the mushroom into a lightly oiled dish and cooked it for 20 minutes or so...

The result is above and very tasty it was.....!! You could add bacon I would imagine to this recipe or any other kind of herbs and spices as you wish depending on what you have to hand.


  1. This looks nice-it was Shirley C who said that! Tell Mr Semi Expat to keep an eye out for me- I'll be wearing a feather print frock and Fendi shoes with a white toe.

  2. Mr SE does not know, what he is missing! When he reads this post I bet he will be miffed, as it looks completely delicious.

  3. That is one huge mushroom!
    i love mushrooms. i could eat them everyday.

    the flowers from Mr SE are so beautiful.

  4. Lucky you...looks delicious!
    My family would be envious:)

  5. Yum, mushrooms are so versatile. I have a great recipe for stuffed mushrooms...herbs, spinach and parmesan cheese...always a hit!
    Healthy too...Shirley C...maybe she was too busy taking care of her high profile hubby to stuff a mushroom...

  6. Your food on the plate looks too good to be true! Absolutely great!

  7. Thank you Sarah - I just issued an invitation to a 'light lunch' next week and as I pressed send, thought 'oh dear' better get my thinking cap on...thinking cap removed hurriedly and so much time saved too!! Have a great week x P.S Did you get my e-mail?

  8. Dear Sarah,

    I'm away on a ski trip w/my husband and hijacked his computer to see what my fav blogs are up to.

    First off, I love this new background color. It's so much easier to read! Thank you.

    This dish looks divine. I can do this with just a couple of substitutions. I'm hungry now!


  9. Glad you all liked the mushroom for one!!
    FF - Don't think Mr SE saw you - he said he kept his eyes peeled but I said you may have been in your sick bed and not out and about in Brisbane.

    Dash - you were right he was!! He got an earlier flight back Monday evening so he was able to have vegetable curry with me which he enjoyed! (2 veggie meals in a row - am not vegetarian but do like them veggie food v. much)

    Cotton Socks - yes, me too - love mushrooms.

    Jeanne - yes, really enjoyed it!

    HOTHB - your recipe sounds lovely too - v. nice.

    Metscan - thank you so much...

    Susie - perfect for a light lunch - hope you have my replies now to email - was doing research!

    Janet - Very versatile and yes, could be made vegan very easily - glad you like new colours on blog..

  10. Long live mushrooms! Seriously, they are one of my favourite foods and although I believe you're right about Shirley C, she surely didn't mean big ones as yummy as this.


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