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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Picnic at Hanging Rock

I spent yesterday in the company of my very lovely BN and her Australian 'amour' ! (and yes, for those of you who remember my earlier post on the subject of niece and my matchmaking skills it is still very much on - to update previous installment click HERE) Anyway, I digress. I was invited out with them and so we decided to go on a :at Hanging Rock - photograph below....

Hanging Rock is the name of a distinctive volcanic geological formation created around 6.25 million years ago about an hour and half north west of the city of Melbourne in country Victoria. It rises 2,356 ft. above sea level.
The novel, Picnic at Hanging Rock written by Joan Lindsay (and made into a film) tells the mysterious tale of a group of schoolgirls and one teacher who on Valentines Day in 1900 all disappeared on Hanging Rock never to be seen again.

BN and I partaking of a little 'picnical' refreshment before thinking about scaling the rocky outcrop!!

This is the actual hanging rock (suspended between two others) which gives the name to the whole formation of rocks....

The area does give off quite a spooky and mystical vibe I have to admit. It took us around 20 minutes or so to get to the top and the view was definitely worth it...

BN at the summit of the rocks....

The two of them !

And the view from the top.....

All in all a very enjoyable day - even though BN teased me that I was the 'gooseberry' in the back of the car!


  1. Those are some pretty classy hiking outfits!
    You guys look quite stylish. What a beautiful day for a picnic and hike.


  2. Yes, to be honest don't think we were quite dressed in the correct fashion for climbing (except for Aussie guy!) there were 'steps' into the rocks - wasn't as arduous as it looks I will admit! However, I did not quite get to the top, top rock!!

  3. SE, Thank you for a great post for those of us still shivering in the northern hemisphere. I love all the wicker. I hope all your outings are so lovely.

  4. I loved that movie ... a great Aussie classic! It still gives me chills when I think about it.
    Looks like you had a fabulous day... I must click onto your matchmaking story.


  5. Sarah - that looks like a fabulous day out - a gorgeous spot for a picnic...lovely photos and guided tour! I'm green with envy...your niece is obviously having a great time; how much longer is she is Aus? x

  6. Looks lovely!!

    Yes it was I who bought the book ends, I thought it MAY have been you but I wasn't sure and was too shy to ask!! haha

    I'll be back soon though.


  7. Looks gorgeous, even if you were feeling green and hairy! Well done for match-making.

  8. Looks like a wonderful outing....ah, to be sitting on the grass again like that..when it is sunny and dry. Will that eventually happen??
    Looks like a great day!
    Jeanne :)

  9. Sounds like you were a happy gooseberry! Glad all 3 of you came back safely.

  10. amazing! for some of us stuck in winter, to see people having a picnic and enjoying outdoors is....hopeful! LOL.

  11. James - glad you like the wicker - your turn for outdoors will soon be here!

    Marina - yes,saw the novel in Borders yesterday and thought I will buy it soon.

    Susie - it was such a lovely sunny day there too whilst the city of Melbourne was overcast.. Niece is here till early April but somehow think she will return soon! (can't think why???!!!!)

    SWIW - yes, do say Hi next time - would be lovely to meet you in person not just through the blogosphere!

    FF - agreed... it was although a teeny bit spooky too!

    TNMA - love a good matchmake!! So satisfying.

    Jeanne - I know it doesn't seem so at the moment but you will get a summer in UK and nothing nicer than an English picnic and yes, you can sit on the grass too!

    Struggler - yes, quite a happy goosegog really and to return in one piece :-)

    Janean - don't worry the sun will be with you again sooner than you think!


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