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Friday, March 19, 2010

New displays at Peony

Yesterday I popped in to Peony ( boutique perfumery) where there is a gorgeous new window display... so very pretty and I particularly love the side table with its worn paint finish.... There is a little bit of a glare/reflection on the window in this photograph - many apologies- a bit difficult taking photographs through glass.

Wonderful old French sign... (sold, I believe!).

A shot looking out from the smaller window.. - look at the little canary bird cage light - cute!

A better photograph of the table in the bigger window - fresh and beautiful white flowers - my favourite. Cire Trudon candles in their green faceted glass containers.

Window display - photo taken from the side.......

The latest range of fragrances at Peony ... L'Artisan Parfumeur... A small niche company and my favourite was L'eau de L'artisan.... described as follows:

Citrus/Classical notes - A fusion of classic elegance and modern nonchalance....
Traditional notes of citruses, herbs and tree moss a fresh twist of marine accord and hay, creating an aroma as refreshing as a splash of icy cold water on a very hot day. Timelessly refined and loved by men and women alike.
I have to say that it was really gorgeous... very fresh - just the kind of fragrance I adore.

Oh, and just thought I would show you these - freeze dried box balls! You just spray them with water and they last quite a while, Jill- owner of Peony also had a box circle hanging up in the shop too....
I am going to be working at Peony looking after the shop on March 27th (when Jill is hosting a Perfume Workshop at a nearby hotel in South Yarra - the workshop is described on the website and is completely sold out/fully subscribed already!) and am also at Peony on April 1st too- can't wait!


  1. Those white flowers look so delicate! That's the sort of window display that would probably draw me in to have a closer look. It's like I can feel a fresh smell from the shop all the way over here.

    Btw, thanks for the great comment on my blog and the idea about another ferret post. I will do it later on, I just have to collect some more images and think up an interesting way to write it. :)

  2. What a lovely shop and displays!

  3. Oh how beautiful!

    Perfect spot of window shopping from the comfort of my office.

    Have a lovely weekend, Semi Expat!

    SSG xxx

  4. Fabulous, I am always ready to window shop.

    Bon weekend a toi,


    ps the sun is still shining here :-)

  5. I adore shops like this, and that is my second favourite scent. How lovely to be working in such a beautiful environment. Have a happy weekend x

  6. Sarah - I have been searching for a 'joined up bud vase' for months! Will send you an e-mail.....!!!!!! Have a great weekend x

  7. Beautiful things....

    I know you are probably asleep right now, but when you have a mo, pop over to mine, I have something for you.

  8. Beautiful - a delight for all the senses!

  9. I understand your excitement to spend the days at Peony. I´d love it too; surrounded by wonderful things.

  10. I love that bird cage light! How smart is that?


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