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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Unique Finds

This wonderful UK based online company showcases items that are unique and that you would definitely not find on the average British high street.... I have bought many things from them over the years especially when looking for that gift for the person who is hard to buy for! Thought I would show you just a taste of what they have, but do go onto the website - however, once there you might find it difficult to leave! Click HERE to be transported.
First off - this pretty little Vase Shelf (Susie - might this fit the bill?) - retailing for 45 pounds.

Gorgeous little silver beakers - suitable for flowers, pens etc. Price 35 pounds.

Or how about a personalised doorstop ? From 35 pounds.

And I am so taken with this ! Such a clever idea - a giant station clock sticker. Once the sticker is in position you then simply screw into the wall the hands of the clock - they have a battery mechanism and hey presto a working clock! This retails for 69 pounds.

As their motto says..... One Basket, but literally HUNDREDS of unique shops.

Enjoy browsing!!


  1. Love those little silver cups. And the clock looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing Sarah.


  2. That clock is now on my must-have list! I have a fireplace that it'll look perfect above. Thanks Dear! And Happy Tuesday!

  3. Sounds great and I love your picks. I am heading over there to browse!

  4. I am off....can't wait, thanks Sarah!!

  5. Love the beakers also and the clock is a great idea.

    Happy Easter,

    Leeann x


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