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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weekend flowers at Peony

Took this photograph of these gorgeous white flowers at Peony where I have been working today - so pretty in their silvery container and can you see the black and white etching on the wall behind of Napoleon too? Very Gallic!

A busy day which seemed to fly by.... I also had the pleasure of meeting a fellow Melbourne blogger who came in to see me - from the wonderful blog SHE WORE IT WELL.... She is such a sweetheart and it was nice to meet her in 'real life' too so to speak. Needless to say she loved the shop!

When I got back from work dear Mr SE had prepared dinner too - a chicken dish which he is marinating in chilli and ginger - can't wait...

Hope you are all having a great weekend.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day Sarah, you deserve it :):):)

  2. beautiful flowers! I love Mr Semi Ex P for cooking dinner x

  3. Gorgeous! I think there's nothing so elegant as white flowers in a silver vase.

  4. What beautiful flowers! I'm going to put them up on my Tumblr log:).

  5. OK does Mr SE realize he is becoming a hard act to follow? He sounds like one of the good guys, nothing less than you deserve. And the chicken dish has inspired me for Sunday dinner!

  6. It was lovely to meet you too darling!

  7. What gorgeous flowers. I love how fresh and classic white blooms and glossy green leaves look together.

    I must take myself to Peony sometime - it looks exquisite.

  8. pleasure to find such a good artical! please keep update!! ........................................

  9. Gorgeous! Just gorgeous! I would so love to have those flowers in my living room. It's like I can smell them all the way up here.

  10. Thank you for the link to Peony! this is exactly what i have been looking for.
    I am really bored of the fragrances out there lately in the department stores.
    i am going to check this place out v soon
    thanks again :)


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