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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The best laid plans of mice and men

often go astray.....

Unfortunately, neither I nor my boots (nor any petit lacy numbers either, Leeann!) have made it to Sydney as I was struck down in the night by a horrible gastric bug thing. So, no date with Mr SE and no Four Seasons Hotel. I am so disappointed and sad - all I have been doing today is resting and drinking lots of water. Thank you for all for your lovely comments yesterday wishing me a wonderful time there and saying nice things about my suede boots too - you are all so kind.

The best thing is that I have had a very attentive 'fur nurse' in the form of Button (as in 'cute as a' ) our Rag Doll cat. (She's been desperate to get on the blog for ages)..... Strange isn't when animals just 'know' you are not feeling 100%. She has hardly left my side all day........


  1. Oh my, that's not good...hope that by the time I am responding you are on the mend. Nice that you have a fluffy friend to keep you company should you be lonely...as a cat lover, Button is the remedy to what ails you.

  2. Sorry to hear you're unwell :(

    I too am in bed. I have the worst flu imaginable. My tonsils and ear are about to explode :(


  3. Oh Sarah - that's not good - here was I this morning calculating that it's 8.30 pm in Sydney
    & wondering in which lovely restaurant you were enjoying fine Sydney cuisine!! You poor thing...hope you are feeling better - there's always next time....& your gorgeous little Button is a lovely companion when you're not feeling great..I miss having a cat(or two!) around the house....x

  4. Hostess - thank you.. am feeling a little better but seems unfortunately to have a temperature still....

    SWIW - am sorry you are so ill... doesn't sound good - have you seen the doctor? It seems that you may have an ear infection too. Take care...

  5. Susie you are so sweet, thank you... I was writing my last comment as you were writing yours...Hope a visit to Sydney with G will be on the cards again soon.. x

  6. Oh you poor thing.....Obviously a much better outing is just waiting for those boots!

  7. Julienne - thank you, do hope so!

  8. S that is awful Get well soooon. Poor you xxxx

  9. FF - thank you... feel a little better after enjoying your latest post! x

  10. Oh what a shame sarah...hope you feel better soon x

  11. I fell sorriest for the men of Sydney who won't get to see you in those boots. Get well soon and pet Buttons one time for me.

  12. And you had so much waited for this trip; what bad,bad luck. I hope you feel better by now :)

  13. Hope you feel better soon! Button looks like an excellent nurse.

  14. Oh no, so sorry to hear this.

    Sending heaps of get well vibes.

    Rest up and be restored for even better adventures in the future, Sydney will be waiting for you.

    SSG xxx

  15. Anna - thank you - a little better today thank you.

    James - you certainly do know how to boost a girl's (!) ego... Thank you and Button sends her love.

    Metscan - yes, you were right I was SO looking forward to the trip.

    Deja - Thank you dear "Une" - am now a little better - Button has been so sweet.

    LPC - my sentiments EXACTLY....

    SSG - thanking you for the good vibes - will be visiting Sydney again soon I hope....

  16. S, are you better? This sort of thing always happens to me. Hope you are better x

  17. FF - you are kind to have commented twice..yes, much better now thanks!!!

    MRP - thank you for dropping by and commenting and welcome ... yes, v. bad timing and I am usually NEVER ill... Button will be delighted to feature on the blog again I am sure. (Mr SE will be too - she is more 'his' baby!)


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